Top 4 Instagram Tips for Entrepreneurs

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools for businesses today. As the photo-sharing social media network continues to develop tools to assist business owners in their efforts on the platform, it is no surprise that it has become so popular among huge corporations. For example, you can now buy Instagram followers on Thunderclap, which is a growth service that helps Instagram users to grow their social presence.  Instagram is a fantastic platform for businesses, and it can be utilized to achieve a variety of objectives such as marketing, income generation, brand awareness, and content creation. The capabilities of the platform can even be tailored to match the specific needs and imagination of your company. If you are new to Instagram you’re not sure where to begin with, here are some pointers to get you started.


Identify Your Audience

The key to a successful engagement lies in identifying your audience. Identifying your audience is no easy feat but it will surely be rewarding for your business promotions in the long run. Who is your audience? They are the people who are most likely to interact with your Instagram content and patronize your business. Knowing your audience means you have to collect and gather information about these people. You can start doing this by taking your time in knowing their demographic profiles: their age, gender, education, religion, etc. Understanding your audience is crucial to learn how to engage with them properly. You can take a look at the latest Instagram stats on The Small Business Blog to get a better understanding of the many different aspects of the platform. As of July 2021, women at the age of 18-34 make up 32.1% of the total women population of Instagram, and men at the ages of 18-34 make up 29.9% of their population on Instagram so you better consider that if you plan to promote your business on Instagram.


Be Organic

Another tip for Instagram promotion is to sound as organic as possible. Instagram is not about hard-selling, it’s about softly nudging your audiences to buy your goods. People who use Instagram come to the platform to look for what’s trendy and what’s “instagrammable” or “IG-worthy” so you won’t do your business any favors by aggressively marketing it. To look more organic in your posts, you have to sound like you are merely sharing your product. Of course, it has to be partnered with good pictures of the product in situations that make sense. Using different posting methods is highly encouraged so you can reach more people and have diverse content that the audiences can enjoy looking at. Part of sounding organic is having a voice for your promotions.


Have a Voice

Your brand should have a brand voice or a brand identity that your customers can connect with. A brand voice is defined by the way you interact with your consumers. It’s a way of communicating your messages with your target audiences about the principles and values of your business. The brand voice that you chose to tie your business with must be sustained throughout all your posts because your audiences will associate your brand with that voice whenever they see it. Take a look at Apple, for example, they have some of the best copies in the world. Apple does this by establishing an intimate voice in their promotions and they have successfully captured their audiences by making them feel spoiled and cared for by using their products.


Use Hashtags and Influencers

Aside from having a unique brand voice, you can also call on the power of hashtags and influencers to boost your viewership and widen your reach. Hashtags function as labels and a way to categorize your content and it lets audiences interact with it. When your consumers start interacting with your hashtags, audiences and curious buyers alike will find out more about your products through their posts. Influencers have the power to dictate what’s the next big thing in the market so getting them to use your hashtags and promote your products will broaden your reach. Once an influencer posts about your product, their sphere of influence can and will see that if your brand is good enough for their idol, it’s probably good for them too.



In today’s world, it is vital for businesses to keep on top of the latest trends and to take advantage of technological breakthroughs to succeed. Sharing your greatest blog content with users through social media marketing can be a great way to increase engagement. One of the most efficient ways to market your company and communicate with clients is through the use of Instagram. By following these Instagram tips for entrepreneurs provided, you may grow your followers and promote your company at the same time.


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