Top 5 American Counties in Education

All caregivers want their children to attend schools in counties with high education quality. As a result, county education ranking is a significant metric in determining the appropriate learning institutions. The presence of state education standards makes county rankings unreliable because the services offered by online tutoring and learning centers are responsible for above-average performance.

The Minimum Standard

The department of education at the state level develops education standards, which reduce the difference in education quality between counties. Education standards outline the specific pieces of knowledge that a student should master at a given level before proceeding to the next level. Notably, the local school districts may select distinct resources and instructional methods. However, the decisions of the local school districts have limited effect on the quality of education because state education standards constrain the selection criteria.

An Additional Resource

Although the education at the county level is standardized to a large extent, the state does not provide any standardization guidelines concerning the use of online tutoring and writing centers. The services offered by online tutoring and writing centers are aligned with education standards because they assist students in realizing the learning outcomes assessed through assignments and examinations. Students can access online tutoring and writing centers as supplemental educational resources to improve their learning experience and performance on tests.

A Student’s Strategy

Even though students are allowed to engage tutors from online tutoring and writing centers, every student chooses the frequency and intensity of tutor engagement. The student decides how online tutoring and writing centers are incorporated into daily learning. This decision distinguishes top performers from average students. People who make online tutoring and writing centers a core learning resource become top performers because they receive more instruction hours, practice assessments, and revision materials.

County Rankings Are Meaningless

County rankings are an unreliable metric for assessing education quality because they are overfocused on learning resources with the institution, yet online tutoring and writing centers are out-of-school resources. County rankings compare experiences at educational institutions, which reveals minor differences because state education standards are designed to limit quality variability. The county ranking approach assumes that utilization of online tutoring and writing centers’ services is identical for all students, which is an incorrect presumption.

The Primary Focus

Parents and students should place limited value on any form of county rankings and focus on selecting the best online tutoring and writing center. The rising popularity of legit writing centers, such as, has resulted in the review of multiple services that employ customized student assistance models. Students should select online tutoring and writing centers that match their learning style and needs, which ensures that they enjoy the maximum benefit of the additional learning resource.


State education standards ensure that all counties provide students with the same fundamental knowledge. If heavily utilized, the services offered by online tutoring and writing centers allow students to have learning experiences that exceed the minimum standard experience, which results in high performance. The substantial effect that online tutoring and writing centers have on a student’s learning experience overshadows the minor quality differences captured in county education rankings.

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