Top 6 UK Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2022

If you’re looking to travel in 2022 with your friends or family, the United Kingdom is a great destination choice. The UK is rich in arts, culture and has plenty of remarkable historical places that you can explore. The scenery is just gorgeous, and the peace in the countryside is something you need to experience at least once in your life. If you are planning your travel itinerary for your travel next year, this article can help you. 

Salford, Manchester

Manchester is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations in the UK for a good reason. When you’re in Manchester, make sure to check out Salford. It’s a great place for shopaholics, and it’s also very scenic with plenty of parks. Fans of the legendary English band “The Smiths” come here to visit the famous Salford Lad’s Clubs. 

If you have an appreciation for art, you will enjoy visiting the famous art destination “Van Gogh Alive,” where you will experience the world-renowned Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s works come to life in the most unique and delightful way possible.

West Highlands, Scotland

If you want a real getaway from the busyness of modern civilization and wish to experience real tranquillity, visit the West Highlands. You’ll find great locations for camping and enjoy the quiet that the place has to offer. No matter what time of the year you visit the West Highlands, you will feel very welcomed and at home in this place.

The West Highlanders are extremely hospitable and kind. They love to laugh, sing and dance. They enjoy having tourists come to their land. This is undoubtedly an ideal place for Whisky lovers. What could be better than tasting a finely made single malt with great company at a local ceilidh? There are plenty of distilleries in the West Highlands, and you can even check out how they make their whisky! 

Snowdonia, Wales

If you love your history, then Snowdonia will be an absolute treat! You will find plenty of castles surrounded by plenty of greenery. Tourists come here to check out castles like the Dolbadarn Castle, the Harlech Castle, and the Conwy Castle. 

The people here are very kind and helpful. This is also one of those rare places in the UK where you get to hear people speak Welsh. So, brush up on some Welsh phrases and try talking to the locals! 

You can also form a hiking group and have a great time making your way to the summit of Mount Snowdon. Also, keep in mind that Wales has a reputation for having plenty of great adventure activities. So, if you find yourself in the adventurous spirit, go to Snowdonia, and you will find innumerable exciting adventure activities like surfing, rock climbing, and kayaking. 

It is known as the oldest national park in Wales. You can explore the beautiful valleys and peaceful villages and find over a hundred lakes in this place. Hence, there is no shortage of scenic delights in Snowdonia. The food and drinks here will make your visit worth your time. Snowdonia is well known for its yummy handmade chocolates, cheese, and craft beers.


If you are a fan of the Beatles, it would be a sin to miss this place as it is the birthplace of the band that has captured millions of hearts around the world to this day. You can experience the beautiful Strawberry Fields and the Penny Lane locations. You can also hop into the Cavern Club, where the charming band had their first debut. Liverpool is also famous for its music festivals like the International Music Festival and Creamfields.

Apart from the music craze, you also have plenty of museums and galleries to explore. Make sure to check out the Walker Art Gallery, where you get to see some remarkable Victorian artworks, and the World Museum Liverpool as well.

As Liverpool is a multicultural city, you can have a genuinely satisfying food tour here and immerse yourself in an exploration of diverse flavors. If you are an avid photographer, the waterfront and skyline are something you just can’t miss. Also, if you love to gamble on casino websites like, then make sure to try your luck at the Grosvenor Casino or the Genting Casino Queen Square in Liverpool. 


If you are exhausted from exploring and shopping around in the busy metropolitan cities of the UK, you will want to plan a visit to Norfolk. Many people come to this beautiful county and love to walk on the sands of the scenic Holkham Beach. 

After all, it has been voted as the best beach in the UK. You will find lots of wonderful seaside resorts where you can have a luxurious stay. Norfolk is well known for being blessed with bright and sunny days and also for its rich wildlife. Many tourists enjoy walking and cycling along the coastline and countryside.

If you have kids, they will love this place as its got lots of exciting adventure activities, tree houses, and jungle bridges. You can take your kids to Blakeney Point, the largest seal colony in England, and go on an exciting ferry trip to spot seals! 

Dedham, Essex

Dedham is a classic village that truly represents the best of the UK’s countryside. It’s got plenty of great tea shops like the famous Tiptree Tea Room, which is the place to be to enjoy a good cup of tea along with scones in the afternoon. 

Dedham has got plenty of churches with stunning architecture. Make sure to pay a visit to the Dedham Parish Church. If you’ve got kids, then a visit to the Gnome Magic Garden is a must. Many visitors are also very interested in the Munnings Art Museum and the Shakespeare House Gallery. 

In Conclusion

If you are planning a UK trip, it is highly recommended that you take your time and experience the joy of traveling slow. This will help you make the best of the trip and go back home much happier and energized.


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