Top Five Fun Ways to Improve your Skillset

Everybody wants to learn a new skill, but nobody wants the grind. Fear not, there are various ways to better your skills without being overwhelmed by boredom. With that in mind, here are our top five ways to have fun while becoming more proficient in a wide range of areas.


Painting can help to boost motor skills along with hand-eye coordination, with a focus on broad brush strokes to the finer details. It’s accessible at any skill level and even if your paintings aren’t much good to start with, there is plenty of room for experimentation and blind luck, which makes for a fun experience. It can also be a stress reliever as it is a very tranquil activity that demands a level of calm focus. Painting is a hobby that allows you to find your own style in a meditative space.

Playing brain games

Believe it or not, playing games can be a huge boost to concentration as they can test cognitive ability and reactions. Games like bingo have been shown to improve short-term memory retention as it involves tracking several numbers and maintaining concentration.

Similarly, card games like poker can keep the mind sharp by forcing players to think quickly in terms of probability. For example, online poker is available worldwide, with platforms such as Genesis Casino offering it alongside other classic casino card games such as blackjack on their desktop and mobile online casino site, where the game is gaining further popularity in line with the rest of the world. Online poker games provide a convenient environment in which to test out your card shark skills. The competitive nature of games can provide fun whilst simultaneously strengthening the ability to concentrate deeply.

Learn an instrument

It certainly isn’t easy to master an instrument, but the process can definitely be fun. Any amateur can attest, for example, that banging away on a drum set can bring a lot of joy and catharsis even if it does annoy the neighbors. It challenges your brain to stay focused and alert, with some studies even suggesting that learning to play an instrument can help to ward off dementia as it strengthens cognitive function. It has been shown to release dopamine, and this improvement in general mood can have a host of other brain benefits because it helps with sleep and general well-being.

Pick up a new sport

The benefits of exercise are well-known, with its physical and mental health benefits inherent in working up a sweat. For some, activities like running represent something of a chore, but with such a range of sports available, there is definitely something for everyone. Racket sports, for example, for those less interested in contact sports, can be learned quickly at a basic level and provide a fun environment in which to increase fitness. This in turn helps with strengthening brain-power by increasing oxygen and blood flow, allowing for quick thinking and more rapid mobility.

Learn to knit

No longer simply the sole domain of your grandmother, knitting has become a form of old-school cool. Like painting, it’s a calming process that allows the mind to reset and recharge. It’s also a skill that can make you popular with friends and family as you make them winter knitwear like scarves and hats. It strengthens focus and the ability to be precise in movement. It allows the knitter to create their own distinct style for themselves or for the benefit of others; indeed, it’s even a skill that could be run as a small business.

Clearly, there are a myriad of different ways to have fun and improve your skillset at the same time. Finding the right one isn’t always easy but there’s certainly no harm in experimenting with them all. Improvements will come almost imperceptibly with the immersion brought by the fun of each activity.

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