Top Istanbul districts where foreign investors should buy properties

When choosing an apartment for sale in Istanbul, you should start with comparing the districts. In this article, you will find brief descriptions of those Istanbul areas that attract the most foreign investors.


If you are a foreigner who wants to invest in Istanbul real estate, you might be spoilt for choice. There are so many top-notch apartments and houses on offer that you might need to spend a lot of time choosing. When selecting a property, you should pay attention not only on the premise itself but also on the area that surrounds it. In this article, we will share brief descriptions of this Istanbul areas that generate a particularly high demand among foreign investors.

Istanbul: a Brief Overview

The city consists of 39 districts. 25 of them belong to the European half and 14 to the Asian one. In each district, there are several municipalities that differ by their character and infrastructure.

Both parts of Istanbul seem equally attractive to tourists. The Asian one is calmer and greener, it is good for family life. Its transportation and entertainment facilities might be slightly less developed than in the European half — but this depends on the district. The European part is more concentrated on business and touristic activities.

In both halves, large-scale urban transformation has been going on in recent years. The authorities invest large funds in rebuilding the city and making it more comfortable for living.

The Best Areas to Purchase an Apartment in the Asian Half

The Kadikoy district offers its residents plenty of shopping malls, cafes and restaurants.

Baghdad Street is considered one of the finest neighborhoods of this half of the city.

Uskudar is a prestigious area that overlooks the Bosphorus. Its inhabitants love to walk in splendid gardens and admire the numerous historical sights of the area.

The Top Districts to Buy an Apartment in the European Half

The European part of the city attracts many more foreign investors than the Asian one. It is more vibrant and its infrastructure is developing quicker. The only shortcoming is that in certain areas, you would fail to feel the unique Turkish character as distinctly as in the Asian half.

Basaksehir is a new district that was formed in 2008. It is modern and sophisticated, its housing complies with the highest standards of comfort. Its infrastructure includes numerous cultural, social, educational and health facilities. When you will be inside your apartment behind the closed curtains, you will hardly be able to identify whether you are in Turkey, in Europe or the US.

Bakirkoy is a long stretch of coastline on the Sea of Marmara. It is highly picturesque and you can breathe maritime air here. The most coveted properties are the ones with direct sea view. The most meaningful infrastructural object in this area is Ataturk International Airport. Besides, you will be able to visit a lot of cafes, fitness clubs and shops. The most prominent shopping complex in Bakirkoy is Galleria Atakoy Mall that hosts over 130 stores and is considered an architectural masterpiece of the 1980s.

Bahcesehir is situated northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece. This district is dubbed as the Amazing City or the Garden city. The price of housing in this area will be likely to increase thanks to such mega projects as the Marmara North Highway, the third Istanbul Airport and the third Istanbul Bridge. People who are looking for properties that they will be able to resell later at a profit should regard Bahcesehir as one of their priorities.

The district of Kucukcekmece, located close to the eponymous lake, is witnessing the same trend. The project that will add value to its real estate in the near future is the new canal. Plus, the lake views are stunning. In recent years, developers have been building a lot of premium housing here, using innovative technologies and implementing forward-thinking design projects. The Kucukcekmece residents enjoy the serenity of their neighborhood and never have reasons to complain of excessive hustle and bustle. Those who are planning to travel to other parts of the city can use the comfortable E5 and TEM highways. Those who will be living here with kids will appreciate the vast selection of prestigious educational institutions, including a few international ones. And of course, there are several large shopping malls here.

Beylikduzu technically is not a part of Istanbul but its cozy green suburb. To reach it, you will need to drive approximately 25 miles to the West from the center of the city. Beylikduzu resembles Europe in many aspects. It is clean and full of air. Local healthcare and educational facilities always produce the best impression on foreigners. Plus, there are numerous places here where you can socialize with locals and expats. When living in this suburb, you will not need to travel to the center every day because you will have everything you need at a walking distance from your apartment. But if you want to admire the sights in the center, you will be able to use either the comfortable tramway or large highways.

Esenyurt is adjacent to Beylikduzu. It has been incredibly popular among local and foreign investors looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul at an early construction stage — and those who arrive a bit later have nothing to choose from! Esenyurt offers excellent properties both for families and single people. It will take you just 20 minutes to get to the Ataturk Airport from here. When you feel like shopping, you will be able to spend long hours in local malls.


These were just a few examples of the Istanbul areas that can seem attractive to foreign investors. Feel free to consider any other district, depending on what you are planning to do with your property. If you purchase it for short holiday rentals, opt for a neighborhood that is popular among tourists. If you want to buy an object at an early construction stage and resell it later at a profit, choose one of those areas that will undergo transformation soon. And if you are dreaming of relocating to Istanbul or staying in your Turkish apartment on holidays, just listen to your heart when selecting a property.


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