Top Reasons to Outsource Non-Profit Organization’s Essential Bookkeeping and Payroll Functions

Non-profit organizations usually handle vital missions; hence the need to get competent financial experts to take the organization bookkeeping needs to focus on essential tasks. 

As a non-profit organization, you need to outsource essential bookkeeping and payroll functions as you cannot afford to make mistakes with your finance and accounts; with Bookstime, you can do all that and more. That is something close to when you pay someone to write my paper but in the world of finance!

What Will Bookstime Do For You?

With a team of seasoned professionals, Bookstime will take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting  needs, that is not all. They give you access to full-time CFO consulting and specialized services unique to your industry. Their services include:

  • Bookkeeping

What is a bookkeeper who can’t keep the books?  Apart from keeping the books, they also do everything necessary to maintain proper financial records.

All activities, including; sorting and recording transactions, account reconciliation, month-end, and year-end closing will be completed. The firm syncs the accounting software with most major banks and payment platforms to import financial data automatically, securely, and efficiently.

  •  Set up or Clean up

Your bookkeeper must possess impeccable setting up skills. The kind that you won’t recognize your organization’s books at the end of the day. Not to mention tying up loose ends and ensuring all transactions are up to date.

  • Payroll

The leading bookkeeping company will ensure every concerned party is included on your payroll, the federal, state, and local payroll filings and tax payments. Some added services include setting up direct deposit, paid time-off tracking, and multiple pay rates easily.

You can even include employees’ health benefits compensation insurance to the payroll.

  • Bill payments

Besides recording and tracking your unpaid bills, your bookkeeper can issue payments on your behalf- following your guidelines for when to pay which bills, from which accounts, and so on.

  • Invoicing

Getting paid shouldn’t take a ton of work. Your bookkeeper prepares invoices based on your specifications and even follows up with your customers regarding delayed payments (via email or phone). If there is a need to send payment reminders, they will follow templates and call scripts, confirming with you at the outset.


  • Use cash flow forecasts to plan for the future.

Best of all, get complete peace of mind during tax season: your bookkeeper will work directly with your tax accountant to deliver the necessary statements and reports in good time and your tax accountant’s desired format.

  • Personalized plan

You can schedule a free consultation with your bookkeeper to get a personalized proposal for your organization.

  • Simple flat rates

It is easier to budget for bookkeeping with straightforward flat monthly rates,

  • Reduced overhead

They provide the bookkeeper all the software and equipment they need. Plus, by working with a firm instead of an individual, you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, benefits, and insurance, leading to significant cost savings. 


Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and other accounting functions

  • Peace of mind.

When you have a highly certified and well experienced financial expert, you’ll be at peace knowing that your books are in excellent hands: now it’s Bye-bye IRS issues, bye bill payments, and other finance-related matters.

  1. Financial Clarity

When you have a dedicated expert who is always willing to walk you through the books till you know them like the back of your hands, it is easier to make informed financial decisions.

  • Save Time


Since you won’t be spending a minute of your time paying bills or preparing financial statements, you’ll have more time on your hands to engage in other goal-oriented projects.



When choosing, lookout for a firm that is very accessible with a vast number of professionals to deliver high-quality service on the go, hence, if you ever need to outsource essential bookkeeping functions as a non-profit organization, Bookstime is your number one go-to firm in the US.  


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