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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Turkish star Esra Bilgic dons a rock star look in new Instagram post for Pakistani brand

Esra Bilgic has become a huge name in Pakistan after the broadcast of Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic turns a rock star in a new Instagram post. In the latest Instagram post, Esra Biglic is seen playing the guitar with a wide laugh drawn on her face. Her recent picture suggest the photoshoot for the upcoming promotional ad campaign for Jazz 4G. Esra Bilgic posted her enthralling picture on Instagram yesterday.

Esra Bilgic wrote “It’s me 🤪 again. 🎸💥🔥 (We’re just getting started.) @jazzdigital / Daha yeni başlıyoruz!” in the caption of the post.

Soon her Instagram feed flooded with messages of praise and appreciation from her Pakistani fans. Esra Bilgic has become a huge name in Pakistan soon after the broadcast of Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV. Hence, we can expect another enthralling new ad campaign of Esra Bilgic with Jazz 4G soon.


Bilgic snaps at moral policing

Earlier, fed up with the moral policing, Turkish actress Esra Bilgic finally gave a shut-up call to a Pakistani troll who criticized her for wearing a western dress in a picture posted on Instagram by the actress earlier this week.

A Pakistani internet user, named Ali, posted an unwarranted comment on her picture on Instagram in which Esra Bilgic is seen wearing a cream-colored top and a blazer. “Please don’t wear such dresses Halima baji, not good,” Ali wrote, referring her to the character of Halime Sultan – a Muslim princess – played by Bilgic in the Turkish series, Dirilis Ertugrul.

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After bearing months of unpleasant and strict moral policing, Esra Bilgic finally retorted and dissed the hateful comment. In her reactionary post, Esra Bilgic said- “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me, thank you.”

Bilgic tastes Pakistani food

In a video uploaded earlier this year, the Ertugrul actress tasted a variety of Pakistani food to select her favorite Pakistani dish.

The video shows Esra ate Gol Gappay, Chicken Karahi, Daal Chawal, Jalebi, and Chicken Biryani. In the video, she says ‘Hi guys, I am Esra. Today I am going to try top Pakistani dishes to pick my number 1 Pakistani dish. Let’s get started.” While trying out biryani Esra said, “Hmm delicious. It’s good, yummy. Yeah. But it’s so hot, so spicy.”

Esra then had Chicken Karahi. “Chicken Karahi is the next one.” But Esra found it extremely spicy. After trying all other dishes, Esra picked Chicken biryani as her Number 1 dish. She said, “It’s delicious. Wow. I like it. It’s my number 1, I thing. Yup. Yeah, it’s my number 1.”

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