Taking Measurements for Entry Door Toronto

Most homeowners understand the importance of having their doors replaced. The dilemma may kick in when it comes to taking the measurements for the new entry door Toronto. Taking the measurements for the door may seem to be a challenging task when it comes to the project, but it is not always as complicated as it may sound.

With the proper guide and attention to detail, anyone can comfortably take the measurements for their entry doors Toronto. Ensuring you get the right measurements before making any purchases is a great way to ensure that you don’t waste time and money in the long run. Learn more below since the measurement must be correct irrespective of whether it is a front door replacement or a first-time installation.

  • The Tools Required For The Process

In order to take all the required measurements without a lot of hustle, you will require several tools and equipment. Here are some of the most essential to help in taking precise measurements.

  • The tape measure

You have to use the tape measure to take the precise measurements of the door framing, among other required measurements required, when getting a new entry door Toronto.

  • A piece of paper and a pencil

This two will help you with recording the measurements for reference later. They are important because recording helps eliminate the risk of second-guessing when you need to refer to the actual measurements. 

  • Level

It is an important piece of equipment that helps ensure that the exterior doors Toronto are straight as needed. A stepping ladder should also be used to reach high points when taking the measurements and ensure the measurement is taken in the straight way possible to avoid errors.

  • Taking The Door Measurements

You may need to check out major key dimensions when taking the measurement in preparation for new door installation or when getting a replacement door.

  • Measuring the width

The first important measurement is the width of the entry door Toronto, where you must measure it from three points. You should take the top, the bottom, and the middle width. You are required to use a tape measure to take the width measurement from these points while recording each at a time.

For the width, it is important to put in mind that there may be a slight variation due to settling down as time goes by. This means that you should record the width at different points to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. After taking the middle, the top, and the bottom width measurement, the smallest value should be the dimension you use when getting the door.

  • Measuring the height

Just as it is with taking the width measurements, the same case happens when it comes to the height measurements. This means that you should measure the left, middle, and right sides but remember to record the smallest dimension as the real measurement.

  • Measuring the thickness

You should not confuse the width for the thickness. The thickness of the door is measured by using the tape measure starting from one edge all the way to the other edge. In cases with a door panel, it is important to take the thickness measurement for the thickest and thinnest parts.

  • Measuring the jamb depth

This is the part where the frame of the door is fitted. The measurement should be taken starting from the interior to the exterior edge of the jamb. Measuring the jamb depth is important to ensure that the door perfectly fits into the frame.

  • Establish The Handling

You should first determine the handling of the entry doors Toronto before you proceed to purchase the door. Handing can be defined as the ability of the door to swing either to the inside or the outside.

You can determine the handling of the exterior doors Toronto in a very simple experiment. You only need to inspect the door from the outside, whereby hinges on the right stand for the right-handed door and vice versa. Also of importance is the direction where the door will open, which is determined by the side where the inches are, i.e, if the door opens to the outside and the inches are on the left frame, then the door opens to the left.

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