Video goes viral of a Pakistani being assaulted by a mob in Saudi Arabia

The video shows Akhunzada Muhammad Saeed, a Pathan activist from Khal, Lower Dir, being assaulted and ridiculed by a mob of Afghanis.

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A video has gone viral on Twitter that allegedly shows a Pakistani being assaulted by a mob of PTM workers in Saudi Arabia. The victim is said to be Akhunzada Muhammad Saeed, a Pathan activist from Khal, Lower Dir.

The attackers are said to be Afghanis living in Saudi Arabia under fake Pakistani IDs. The suspects reportedly have been detained and will be soon deported back to Afghanistan.

The video has caused outrage, especially among Pakistani’s who don’t see Afghanistan in a favorable light. People are demanding justice from the government of Pakistan and ensuring the safety of citizens both locally and abroad.

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Relations with PTM are already highly complicated, with people’s opinions ranging in the extremes and rarely in the middle. This video of a man being mercilessly beaten and ridiculed by a violent mob only fuels the already burning fire.

In early 2018, the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement or Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM) came suddenly into the limelight in Pakistan. The PTM is spearheaded by the Pashtuns generation, mainly from the war-torn North-West Frontier region of the country.

The movement is led by Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen, a human rights activist from South Waziristan. Other prominent leaders include Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar. PTM claims to be an unarmed and peaceful resistance movement working within the legal boundaries of the Constitution of Pakistan.

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However, the movement’s rhetoric and policy agenda have put it at loggerheads with Pakistan’s powerful military establishment. While the PTM blames the Army for the plight of Pashtuns in the country, the military has labeled the movement as a foreign ‘proxy’ working at the behest of other countries against the institutions of its state.

There are many theories about the workings of the PTM. Still, most of them point towards using 5th generation warfare to seed dissent in Pakistan’s northern areas and further worsening the already fragile regional fault lines.


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