Weigth loss clinic Maryland – on your way to weight loss and a healthier life

Nowadays, the fight against excess weight is becoming more and more difficult due to the lack of physical activity and the consumption of high-calorie and highly modified food. Bad eating habits and the inability to distinguish between hunger and excessive appetite often lead to dangerous overweight, which has many health-threatening consequences. Therefore, people are increasingly looking for a way to lose weight, but without the need to perform surgical operations, which additionally burden the body and result in long-term recovery. People who are looking for professional support can benefit from the help of weight loss clinic Maryland.

  • Weigth loss clinic Maryland and its weight loss strategies
  • Medical weight loss — which patients are eligible, and what are the benefits for them?
  • Your weight loss journey — how to start and what to expect

Weigth loss clinic Maryland and its weight loss strategies

The weight loss journey may seem like a difficult and long process. Many people are unable to take care of their own healthy eating habits and change their daily routine in such a way as to enjoy optimal weight and better health.

When deciding to use the help of weigth loss clinic Maryland, the patient has the opportunity to use an advanced weight loss method. This process will be carried out by your doctor, who may suggest the use of a gastric balloon. The advanced procedure is non-surgical and takes a maximum of 20 minutes. It is carried out in such a way that the patient feels as comfortable as possible and doesn’t experience any unpleasant symptoms.

An appointment with a doctor allows you to select dedicated weight loss methods, a gastric balloon, and determine how long it should be in the patient’s stomach. The specialist from our team tells you why it’s important to follow medical recommendations. Awareness and better understanding of the procedure is extremely important, because it determines the patient’s change of habits and a conscious approach to the long-term process he decides to undertake.

Medical weight loss — which patients are eligible, and what are the benefits for them?

Finding a good, reputable clinic is not easy. Therefore, it is worth trusting professionals, i.e. doctors with many years of experience who specialise in working with obese patients. Medical weight loss is the program that lasts several months under the supervision of a doctor. Patients who have never had stomach surgery are eligible. Their BMI must be between 30-40. Patients with a BMI of 25-30 are also considered.

Patients who want to take advantage of the program are taking a big step in their lives. They can lose weight faster and improve their overall health. Losing weight is very important. Thanks to this, you reduce the pressure on your joints, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improve your well-being and gain more energy.

Doctors tailor your therapy to your body’s needs. You are under constant medical care and cooperate with a psychologist and dietician. However, to see changes, you need to change your daily habits, diet, and exercise. Only then will you learn to live healthier and you will achieve the expected success.

Your weight loss journey — how to start and what to expect

The entire procedure was designed to be safe and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. First, an appointment is made with a doctor. If everything is OK, the balloon is inserted into the stomach. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes. During the procedure, the patient does not require surgery. The patient is under constant medical supervision.

You can make an appointment by phone. The clinic accepts most commercial insurance plans. On the clinic’s website you can download all necessary forms, documents, and guidelines regarding preparation for treatments. Importantly, the patient is not left without care after the balloon is removed. By following the rules, you can maintain your weight and enjoy better health.

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