What To Do After Motorcycle Collisions In Houston

As a citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave, you have the right to do whatever you want so long as you aren’t breaking any laws, and that includes driving a motorcycle if you so choose.

However, the fact remains that some people do not recognize this fact. Some people fail to understand that we live in a country where we have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Hence, they tend to cause a lot of motorcycle collisions in Houston, and that’s why you need one of our attorneys to help you protect those rights. So first thing’s first, what causes motorcycle collisions in Houston?


The Causes of Motorcycle Collisions In Houston

It goes without saying that no two motorcycle collisions in Houston are identical, and it’s possible to have multiple causes in a single case. That being said, there’s a mountain of evidence, borne of experience, that points at car drivers.

As we hinted earlier, lots of people with trucks and other car types in Texas see motorcycles as overgrown bicycles, and they tend to display an excessive amount of aggression, including tailgating motorcycles. It’s also not uncommon for car drivers that are not paying attention to cause motorcycle collisions. Hence, if you’re the victim, as so often happens to motorcyclists, you need to know what to do.


What To Do After Motorcycle Collisions In Houston

1) Go See A Doctor: This is coming from both a medical and legal point of you. Even if you feel completely fine, you could experience lifelong injuries following motorcycle collisions in Houston, or even worse, you could die from hidden injuries. Hence, you need to seek medical help. Also, medical records will go a long way if you end up filing a claim, and that brings us to our second tip


2) File A Claim As Soon As Possible: The sooner you file a claim, the less the risk of the facts getting muddled and events being forgotten. What’s more, insurance companies can and will use the fact that the claim came in late as evidence that your claim has no leg to stand on. Thus, you need to make that claim as soon as possible

That being said, there are many things you should do while at the accident site as well

The Post-Accident Checklist For Motorcycle Collisions In Houston

1) Get the Contact Details of Eye Witnesses: The only things insurance companies care about is themselves. You need to get as much evidence as possible that you weren’t in the wrong

2) Speak To Law Enforcement: When you’re sure you’re in the clear for the accident, speaking to the police can help bolster your sources of evidence

3) Take Photographs: Take some photos of the scene of the motorcycle collision, it tells a story that’ll help your case

4) Never speak to the insurance company without an attorney

If you haven’t contacted an attorney yet, it’s not too late. We have attorneys who specialize in motorcycle collisions in Houston. Contact us, and let’s get started.

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