What will be the key discussions during this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit?

Taking place from 18-20 June at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit is about to begin, and attendees can expect a wide range of key discussions about the latest gaming developments in Canada. This year’s event will mark the 27th time that key industry figures and experts have gathered together at the summit, with the aim of sharing ideas and discussing all of the most important topics in the Canadian gaming industry right now. Over 3,000 delegates are expected to attend the event, which is set to have a jam-packed agenda full of educational talks, networking events, and panel discussions. So, what will be the key discussions during this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit? We’ve gathered our top picks below!


  • New Gaming Technologies

The vast array of new gaming technology is by far one of the hottest topics at this year’s summit, and is bound to dominate the conversation at the 2024 event. There are set to be numerous talks focused on the rising use of artificial intelligence technologies, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and the world of online gameplay, and experts will be keenly examining the most exciting innovations of the year. Conversations are sure to focus on the increasingly personalized nature of gaming, and the best ways in which iGaming operators are elevating the consumer experience in 2024 – in Canada these are the best online casinos right now, if you want to get a clearer picture of the leading operators on the market.

As in previous years, conference producers have highlighted that cybersecurity will also be a key topic at this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit. This particular topic seems to be more important than ever, as increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes have posed a major challenge for companies in the online gaming industry. There will be plenty of discussion about keeping both companies and their players safe from fraud and criminal activity when hosting and playing online games. At the many panel discussions during the event, there is sure to be a keen focus on vital safety technology and security measures, which can help to tackle this pressing issue.


  • Player Protection & Responsible Gambling

The ever-important topic of player safety and ethical gaming is set to be another key focus of the summit. The Player Protection Symposium will be taking place on the first day of the three-day event from midday until 5pm, with numerous representatives in attendance from a variety of backgrounds including gambling operators, sports leagues, regulators and media agencies. The aim of the symposium is to build and sustain a strong level of gambling harm prevention in the Canadian gaming industry, so participants will be sharing their latest ideas and knowledge on the topic of responsible gambling strategies and player safety measures.

The Symposium has been positioned in a priority slot at the opening of the Summit, demonstrating how industry leaders are keen to give attention to this issue and make it a clear priority of the event. By encouraging collective discussion and decision-making on the topic of player safety, the Symposium has been set up with the aim of developing a unified, industry-wide approach to ensure that all operators are playing by the same rules. Attendees can expect passionate discussions about best practice for operators, as responsible gaming is a vital topic for people at every level of the industry.


  • The Canadian Gaming Scene

This year’s event is set to offer some fascinating insights into the Canadian gaming scene as a whole, as well as a closer look at what’s going on in the nation’s various individual provinces. Representatives from numerous regions are expected to attend and share the latest gaming news from Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and beyond – giving attendees an enlightening overview of the Canadian market as a whole. In the constantly changing landscape of gaming regulation, the pan-Canadian theme of the event is set to be hugely helpful for those looking to gain a better understanding of the different, dynamic markets across Canada today. 

Delegates can expect to hear talks about the latest industry news, especially when it comes to regulatory frameworks and any upcoming or predicted changes to iGaming regulations. Advancements in the Canadian market will be a hot topic this year – ever since Ontario’s move to welcome a legal, regulated iGaming scene back in 2022, there have been fervent discussions about which other provinces might follow suit in the near future. Attendees will be keen to stay in the know, so that they can be well prepared for any upcoming developments in the Canadian online gaming scene.


Overall, the Canadian Gaming Summit will offer a comprehensive look at the current state and future of the Canadian gaming industry, with a keen emphasis on the nation’s dynamic gaming market, technological advancements like artificial intelligence, player protection and responsible gambling, and cybersecurity measures. The event’s varied agenda certainly offers something for everyone, whether you’re a tech buff, or more interested in regulatory frameworks. By bringing together leading figures in the Canadian iGaming industry, the 2024 edition of the summit will give delegates a fascinating insight into the gaming landscape in Canada, helping them to better understand where the industry is headed in the coming years. Attendees can look forward to a rich and varied timetable, and with a variety of scheduled networking events, this landmark conference is set to be a brilliant social occasion too!

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