Why is roulette becoming so popular with Indians?


India is one of the many nations and territories being targeted as growth areas by the online casino sector, and the figures show that their strategy and investment is bearing fruit. Its value was recently estimated at being around ₹62bn.

That growth can be attributed to many factors, including staples of the industry, such as blackjack and poker, as well as more casual games like bingo and slots, which have capitalized on the emergence of mobile casino gaming in recent years.

But in this article, we will be discussing another key part of the modern online casino industry. The game of roulette has been established for hundreds of years, but it has remained at the forefront of a marketplace that is constantly evolving.

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Where is the game played?

Roulette originated as a traditional casino game, played by the wealthy and well-to-do. The game originated in France and gradually spread across Europe before being exported into North America and other parts of the world.

To this day, most physical casinos boast at least one roulette wheel, complete with a croupier who compiles the bets placed and sets the wheel spinning. The thrill of the spinning wheel remains a key attraction to this day, but it tells only part of the modern story.

Roulette is one of the many casino games that have made the transition into the digital marketplace. Today, online roulette is offered by the majority of leading platforms, with advancing graphics and live video streaming helping to recreate the authentic casino experience.

What are the rules?

Roulette is a classic game of good fortune and chance, which are qualities in a game that people of any nationality would find appealing, and those traits have helped entrench it as a part of Indian gaming culture.

One of the other major appeals of roulette is the simplicity of the game. Bets are wagered on which number the ball will settle on and there are a multitude of options to select from. A standard roulette wheel features numbers 1-36, coloured in red and black, with either one or two ‘zeros’, usually in green.

Bets available include the ball landing on an odd or even number, red or black, or an individual number. Multiple bets can also be placed, helping to improve the chances of a win, but requiring a larger stake to be placed.

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What is the potential for the game in India?

As we have discussed, the online casino sector is growing rapidly in India, with calls from observers within the country to ease regulations. The range of games being offered is key here and brands will closely observe the habits of local players to inform their own strategy.

Due to the simplicity and thrilling nature of the game, it’s likely that roulette will play a key role in the future growth of the sector, although it is expected that more modern staples like slots will also help to shape the future of online casino gaming in India and South Asia.

It will be fascinating to observe how the industry at large evolves in the years to come, particularly as the smartphone becomes more prevalent, including the role that roulette will play in that growth.

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