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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Will Faryal Makhdoom win over her in-laws after reconciliation?

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While Amir Khan is busy being a part of the reality game show “I’m a Celebrity..Get me out of here” these days, back at home, his wife Faryal Makhdoom and his family are busy setting aside their differences.

In his absence, both his family and his wife are fixing their broken bond. According to the boxer’s family, his wife Faryal Makhdoom often visits them with daughter Lamaisah to watch the program together.


“Faryal comes over to the house and we sit down as a family and watch the show together. Of course, it’s been nice for the family to bond again,” Amir’s father, Shah reportedly said. “Like every family, we have ups and downs. If someone says they don’t, I think they’re lying. You’ve got to work through it and try to iron everything out and move on.”

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“Lamaisah is cheering him on and missing him a lot and I think that Amir is missing her a lot too. We keep saying to her, ‘Lamaisah, where’s daddy?’” added Shah. Faryal said “It’s really funny; I don’t think she knows what it is but she says it. A lot of people don’t realize Amir is a down to earth family man. The family is so proud of him too. We’re all on the edge of our seats watching him because we know he’s so frightened of snakes.”

Earlier, Faryal Makhdoom and his family had severe differences. Faryal Makhdoom accused her in-laws of conspiring to wreck her marriage.

During the spat, she made several public posts on social media and accused them of creating differences between her and Amir.

However, his family refused to accept the allegation and rather said that they have objections to her dressing that does not go in line with their family traditions.

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They demanded her to follow the traditions since she was the part of the family.