Win Your Free Spins With These Sweet Bingo Strategies


Most of us have at least played a game of Bingo before either in a lucky draw or when we’re bored and need some form of entertainment. It is a game for all ages and is mostly assumed to be won mainly from luck. Contrary to what many people think, it also involves other factors such as entertainment, socializing, and having loads of fun! Better yet, you can also get some free spins online at Bingomum, no deposit needed!


If you want to improve your gameplay and get an edge over your opponents, follow these tips to mastering a winning streak. It’s a good opportunity to learn some useful strategies to improve your chances of winning!


Managing your Cash


If your game of bingo is just to enter a giveaway, you’ve got nothing to worry about. But if you’ve got something to lose in this game, place your bets wisely. Set a few rules for yourself to ensure you don’t pop your budget due to over-excitement. There are many bingo related promotions and activities, including deposits, and prize draws. The rule of thumb is: don’t ever bet more than 3% of your total bankroll in a single session. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s always better to keep a daily limit. Better to be safe than sorry!


Selecting Your Game


After you have firmed up a management plan for your bankroll, the next step is to choose your game wisely. There are many different bingo games out there for you to choose from and most of the time, you won’t excel in all of the games equally. With your money on the line, it’s important for you to do a bit of research before you put in a chunk of your money. Remember, it isn’t a good idea to go in blind. Here are some pointers for you to look out for in selecting which bingo site to play. 

  • Cost — Similar to the point of managing your cash, never spend greater than 10% of the total bankroll on an entry fee to a bingo room
  • Topic — You’ve got to understand the rules clearly and how it affects your game strategy
  • Experience — What kind of value or experience are you looking for?


Counting Your Chances of Winning


A game is not always just about a gamble. All you’ve got to do is to know how many cards you have among all the cards in the game. You’ll need to use a bit of calculation to find out what your odds of winning are based on. A simple formula you can use is just taking the number of cards you currently have divided by the total number of cards in the game.


Yet, you still need to be careful as things are a lot trickier as there isn’t always a guaranteed winner for a round of progressive jackpot bingo. Just to be safe, do a little headcount to gauge how many cards the other players may have.


Avoid Playing During Peak Hours


As with the math-tip above, you can increase the probability of winning by avoiding peak playing hours where an increase in the number of people can decrease your chances of winning! Use this method to tip the scales to your favor. If you are able to observe each player’s actions, you may even find a pattern to use against them! It would surely be a whole lot easier if the game takes place in person but if you’re staying home and playing the game online, you could make this work by having a group video call on Zoom or any other video conference platform. By figuring out the strategies of your opponents, you may stand a chance at increasing your odds of winning.


Increasing Your Chances of Winning: Having More Cards


This is the ultimate tip. The more cards you have compared to the rest of the players, the higher chance you have at winning the game. In a game consisting of a hundred players, your opponents have less than 1% chance of winning anything at all if you have 20 cards and the rest have an average of 6 cards each. If you can afford to, purchase some extra cards! While it isn’t a guaranteed strategy to win, it can definitely put you in a greater position to finish as the winner!


Some games allow you to choose which cards to add to your stack. If you do have a choice, try to avoid duplicate bingo numbers. The key is to diversify your numbers. On every card, there are boxes with unique numbers. You want to cast your net wide and boost your chances of winning! If your numbers are similar and you are unfortunately not hearing them get called out, it means that the rest of your cards are probably not going to be called out either.


You Really Can’t Guess The Numbers


If your friends are recommending specific numbers to you to choose, they are either meddling with the game controls or are providing you false information! Some of them may believe that certain numbers are likely to be called more often than the rest or have other strange theories to predict the numbers called.


While we can understand where these hunches may come from, there’s simply no guarantee that a specific number can magically come up in future games. You may find yourself on a lucky streak and think you’ve found a pattern, but unfortunately, these occurrences are purely coincidental. But while Bingo can earn you a quick buck from the gamble, you can still go for your favorite number. After all, it’s your game and your happiness matters most!



In the end, don’t forget to call Bingo! While there is no guarantee these tips will get you a winning streak, they’re definitely worth a shot! There are many ways to win. Instead of hoping for Lady Luck to be on your side this time, try out-smarting the others using simple mathematical strategies to reach the goal! If you’re not winning your games as much as you would like to, it’s okay as well. All that matters is that you had a great time! 


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