Women shame restaurant employee for inability to speak English

The women said they were bored and decided to shot a video.

A video of the two women, owner of a high-end restaurant in Islamabad, shaming the employee for struggling to speak English went viral on Wednesday.

The video of the women and employee went viral on social media. Women can be seen ridiculing the employee for unable to speak English fluently. The man has been an employee at the restaurant for the past nine years.

The women said they were bored and decided to shot a video. One of the women began with the introduction of the restaurant team. The woman then asked the restaurant manager to introduce himself in English. However, the employee struggled to speak fluently.

While the video was released on social media, the netizens strongly reacted to the viral video. The social media users condemned the women for shaming and mocking the manager for unable to speak English.

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Others said that women’s attitudes reflect the ‘elite mindset’ where humans are valued on their ability to speak English. People demanded the women apologize to the employee. Several Twitter users said they would boycott the restaurant.

Others, however, believed that boycotting the restaurant may not the solution since the staff working at the restaurant will suffer the most. Hence they should go there and talk to the employees in local native languages like Urdu and Punjabi.

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A user named Usman Rana said: “Why are we so obsessed with English? It’s just a language. These desi liberals who are remainings of British rule are still slaves of the British and unfortunately have made the whole national mentally slave. Why can’t I speak my national language in a restaurant located in my capital?”

Celebrities like comedian Ali Gul Pir and Shafaat Ali also reacted to the viral video and condemned the incident. Also, they hailed the manager for diligently performing his duties at a restaurant.


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