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Thursday, May 23, 2024

World Leaders praise Qatar for dealing with blockade through focusing on economy

Qatar’s model is interesting and should be a lesson for any other state facing such unilateral actions any time in the future; focus on economy and find out other ways to reduce your dependency on one or a group of states.

The state of Qatar had to face an unexpected crisis when the GCC countries unilaterally imposed a blockade and attempted to reduce the credibility of the tiny gas-rich country. Qatar was accused of harboring terrorists and promoting hated through Al Jazeera in the Arab world. However, Qatar not only dealt with the propaganda but also managed to survive the toughest days through expanding its economic ties with Turkey.

Recently, several world leaders praised Qatar for committedly working on its economy and strengthening its international image.

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Qatar Martin Dvorak praised the great renaissance witnessed by Qatar in all fields, especially in business and investment. The ambassador said that Qatar has become an international hub for trade, adding that this makes it a destination for business, investment, and tourism in the region.

He stressed the importance of bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and Qatar and the desire of both sides to strengthen these relations due to the tremendous potential enjoyed by the two countries, which in turn contribute to the promotion of trade, investment, and tourism. In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of Qatar National Day, the ambassador said that Qatar has made great strides in providing an attractive liberal business and investment climate and in achieving economic prosperity for its population, thus becoming one of the international hubs of trade, transport, travel, and investment, praising also the great steps in introducing smart and efficient e-government procedures.

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The ambassador conveyed his heartfelt blessing and best wishes to State of Qatar and its people on the occasion of the celebration of National Day. “During my term as ambassador, I have made every effort to promote the friendly relations between our two countries. The embassy has organised a number of events focusing on the promotion of business, culture and tourism,” ambassador of the Czech Republic said.

He underlined that just recently, the Czech foreign minister visited Doha with a large business and investment delegation, highlighting some major Czech brands in Qatar. “We have worked relentlessly with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and partner institutions to promote mutual awareness and the exchange of ideas and people between the two countries,” the ambassador added.

President H E Nayib Bukele praises Qatar

Similarly, President of the Republic of El Salvador, H E Nayib Bukele, said that the State of Qatar is a very influential country in the world and has huge potential in the cultural and sports fields.

In press statements, the President expressed his great admiration for the volume of infrastructure projects taking place in the State of Qatar, the construction of stadiums everywhere, and the rebuilding of areas with new architectural styles that preserve the originality and culture of the country, stressing that these funds and the investments are going to put the State of Qatar in a new international position, which is very interesting for a developing country like El Salvador.

The President of El Salvador expressed his admiration for the National Museum of Qatar and its wonderful architecture, adding that the State of Qatar is a very interesting and very influential country, and it has one of the largest media in the world. He explained that his visit to Doha aims to strengthen diplomatic, political, and commercial relations, as well as cooperation and investment relations with the State of Qatar and participate in the Doha Forum 2019.

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He expressed his happiness to visit the State of Qatar, which started its official relations with his country more than a decade ago. He pointed out that the two countries have potentials that are not yet explored. He explained that his visit is witnessing many meetings and discussions with government officials, adding that his country will give a presentation at the Doha Forum related to the new governance and how the world develops in the post-globalization era.

H E Bukele indicated that El Salvador seeks to cooperate with the State of Qatar in various sectors, especially the oil and gas sector, pointing out that his country has great oil wealth and needs Qatari companies to cooperate in benefiting from it.

He reviewed investment opportunities in El Salvador, especially the agricultural field, pointing out that his country is a gateway to Latin American markets because it is located in the center of the continent.

The President of El Salvador looked forward to seeing Qatari investments in El Salvador, especially as it is one of the most stable countries in the region and a signer of a free trade agreement with the US and enjoys great relations with China and various countries of the world.