Would you bet that Trump’s eye for a deal see him through his latest challenge?

America faces arguably its biggest ever decision in just a few short weeks as Donald Trump aims to beat off the challenge of Joe Biden and become a two-term President. In veteran politician Biden, Trump faces arguably his fiercest opponent to date following four controversial years in power.

In this article, we will examine Trump’s chances of being re-elected, and whether his background as a master deal negotiator can win him enough support to see off the latest Democratic threat. Can The Donald upset the odds all over again?

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A happy underdog?

Much like in 2016, Trump heads into this year’s election as the outsider. The latest presidential election odds price the incumbent at 2.66, with rival Biden presently available at 1.57.

Roughly translated, the bookies expect the Democratic candidate, who would become the oldest US president on record, to unseat the former real estate mogul. But although Trump would much rather be ahead in the polls, it’s unlikely that the President and his supporters will let the odds unsettle his momentum.

Throughout his albeit brief political career, Trump has positioned himself as being an anti-establishment outsider who refuses to play the political game, and perhaps his position as an underdog better suits this image better than being the favorite would.

Backing America’s deal-maker

Alongside his reputation as an outsider, Trump has rallied support due to his background as an expert deal-maker. In his campaigning ahead of the 2016 election, Trump promised voters he’d get the USA a better deal economically in deals with international partners.

At this point, his role as the star of American show ‘The Apprentice’ was still fresh in voters’ minds, and though it might be unreasonable to suggest this helped him win the election, it did serve to further entrench his reputation as a master of business.

Looking further back, Trump’s ghost-written book ‘The Art of The Deal’ extolled the future President’s abilities to negotiate and drive a hard bargain. And with fears among many that America had lost its international influence, the Republican candidate’s pledge to bring his boardroom expertise to the Oval Office proved hugely appealing.

Gambling on a better deal for America

Trump’s nationalistic brand of politics promises to put America first in practically every sphere of politics, whether that’s on issues such as immigration, the economy or international diplomacy.

And in today’s globalized economy, where nations like China are wielding greater economic power, that pledge to put America’s interests first, regardless of the diplomatic cost, could help rally further support behind the beleaguered President.

Trump’s campaign to remove bureaucracy and cut tax for big business has helped convince major brands to bring manufacturing operations back to home soil and, although the broader impact on middle America as been less tangible, these achievements will help curry favor with the electorate during such a tense economic period.

Source: Pexels

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump’s reputation as a veteran of business cannot fairly be disputed. His ability to broker deals in his own interests helped him gain incredible momentum in the lead up to his election in 2016, and it could be enough for him to upset the form book and hold on to power in 2020.

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