10 Reasons Why You Should Add an Outdoor Shower in Your Home

When we were children, we always wanted to bathe under the rain. It feels refreshing and it makes us feel very happy too. Bathing in the rain is a very exhilarating experience that is similar to taking a shower. Why not add an outdoor shower if you want to give your kids a rainy feel?

Truth be told, I hadn’t really considered how cool an outdoor shower really is. It’s common to see them both in public and private swimming pools so we can take a shower before and after using the pool. But, regardless of whether you have a pool or not, an outdoor shower would be really great, especially during the summer! It would be extra fun to bathe outdoors when it’s so hot! So, if you are still not considering an outdoor shower, here are a few reasons why you should!

1. It’s a refreshing way to cool off.

There is no doubt that we would all agree with this. Showering in the bathroom is already refreshing, but when we do it outdoors, it is a whole different experience. It would be amazing to shower outside while the wind touches your skin and you see the beautiful surroundings. That would be amazing and make you feel twice as refreshed. 

2.The product is recommended for pool houses.

For this reason, if you have a pool area, an outdoor shower would be ideal to keep you from going into the bathroom dripping with water. If your shower has doors, you can shower outside and change too. After swimming, an outdoor shower is a great place to rinse, dry, and change. Thanks to Benjamin Stenson, CEO & Founder of Norsemen Home Remodeling. 

3.The easiest way to clean up is to make it easier.

When you are engaged in outdoor activities, it would be easy to clean up without bringing the filth into the house. You can simply spray some water on your shoes in the shower if you have stepped on mud or if they are very dirty. An outdoor shower is an easy way to clean up if you go gardening. 

4.Your home will feel like it’s on the beach.

It is common for beaches to have outdoor showers in addition to pool areas. A shower that looks like you are actually at the beach is ideal if you have a nautical or beach-themed home design. To complete the experience, you can even decorate the shower area with rocks or sand.

5.Clean-up spot for kids is easy to find.

When your kids get dirty playing outside, you don’t need to bring them inside so they can get a shower in the bathroom and avoid getting the floor dirty. Instead, you can clean them up in an outdoor shower. They’d love it!

6.Make sure there’s an exciting outdoor spot for kids.

In addition to cleaning up, your kids will surely enjoy showering outdoors. If you let them do this when there are no classes, they will be able to spend more time playing with the water. You know how satisfying it is for them. Having a shower area means you don’t have to worry about the space getting wet since it’s designed to be used for that purpose. Thanks to Will Copp, Owner of Knox Concrete Contractors

7.The spot is ideal for cleaning dogs.

Be kind to your pets and share your shower. It would be easier to clean them outside with a hand-held nozzle and let them walk around the garden right after showering to let them dry. You could also walk them at the park. If you enjoy showering outdoors, your dogs will enjoy it as well! Thanks to Bruce Rodriguez, Owner of LAX Concrete Contractors.

8. Extended bathing area.

The family member who needs to shower at the same time does not have to wait for the others to finish because he can just shower outdoors. It would be even more exciting than bathing indoors!

9.It is perfect for many guests.

You may also find that your extended bathing spot is very useful if you have many guests in your home. Some people could simply shower outside, saving you from having to keep your indoor bathroom clean every time anyone uses it. After a pool party or an outdoor picnic, it would also be easy for them to use it. Thanks to Smithe Sodine, Founder of Smithy Home Couture.

10. Would make showering special.

The outdoor shower can actually be used for your daily shower as long as it is private, complete with doors and walls. Using the space more often will surely make it more special. If you plan on using it more often, make sure it is functional, well-designed, and private. Thanks to Michaela Manuel, Co-founder of Caffeine Brothers.

As well as the reasons we have stated above, the designs of the outdoor showers we have included above will surely inspire you. Those areas do look very inviting and I could just picture showering there. It would be a refreshing experience for sure! Do you have an outdoor shower in your garden? Why did you decide to add one?

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