6 Ways To Take Care of Yourself and Avoid COVID-19

Health and wellness is a trending topic given our current global situation.

Even though cases are still on the rise in different parts of the world, people are taking wellness into their own hands and exploring more natural approaches in hopes of protection from the virus. 

Aside from the obvious physical aspect of protection, many have had to find ways to pacify their minds. These uncertainties have led to an increase in anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts surrounding all of the unknown elements that the future may bring. 

So, let’s get into five ways you can protect yourself and your peace of mind from COVID concerns

Eat Your Vitamins

We’ve all heard, “abs are built in the kitchen”, but did you know that health and wellness start in the kitchen?

All of the essential vitamins and nutrients that we need to optimize our health come from a healthy, balanced diet consisting of leafy greens, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

Take Advantage of CBD 

COVID concerns brought an increase in mental health issues for millions of people across the globe. 

Some people are naturally inclined to worry, and others might be suffering side effects from increased isolation. Routines have been interrupted, and many can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thankfully, many different CBD products can help make this situation a little more manageable. One of the products that people have leaned on are longer-lasting CBD options. Options like CBD capsules give you a day’s supply of CBD, and they take the guesswork out of serving sizes. 

Take Breaks From the Media Outlets

Have you ever left the television on in the background and found yourself frazzled with all of the different stories that the media covers?

But the news doesn’t stop with the TV, it’s on all forms of social media as well. 

It’s even more suspect on social media because people post stories that aren’t true. Before you freak out about a headline that you read on social media, make sure to fact check the information to assess the validity of the story. 

Exercise & Release Toxins

When’s the last time you did a little bit of exercise? It’s all too easy to get caught up in patterns of laziness when most of the world is in limbo, and motivation is running low for millions of people. 

This is all the more reason you need to get that blood pumping! 

Exercise is excellent for your body—keeping it tight, toned, and healthy. Exercise also works to release harmful toxins from the body that accumulate during moments of stress that the body endures. 

It’s also a really great outlet for those times that you’re feeling frustrated or depressed. Do yourself and favor and start slow if you’re getting back in the swing of things. It will help you maintain your motivation, and work to develop a pace that works for you.  


There are all types of meditation that you can integrate into your routine. It’s simply choosing one that works for you, but you can also create a process that works for you by finding a quiet place, closing your eyes, and focusing on the breaths that you take in and out. If your mind wanders, bring it back, and be mindful of how the other parts of your body feel. 

Meditation is a great way to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, mediation provides mental clarity and enhances brain function. 

Supplement Gaps in Nutrition 

Even if you’re eating super healthy, you still might be missing out on some of those vital nutrients. It’s a good idea to add supplements to your diet right now. Some of the best options to look into include vitamin c, multivitamin, black seed oil, oil of oregano, and vitamin b12. 

But, this part of “staying healthy” can also be based on personal preference. You can take note of any personal struggles you’re having and do some research to see what supplements will be most beneficial to you. 

For a more accurate read on what you’re lacking, you can have blood work done to accurately access where you need to “fill in the blanks”….nutritionally. 

Things To Keep In Mind

We have to accept that this is our new reality, and it might be a while before the world returns to the way that we remember. It’s all about making the right choices that ultimately provide your body with a layer of protection.

Your health—and wellbeing—are among the most important factors to take care of. To make sure you’re taking the appropriate amount of self-care, always be sure you’re getting at least the minimum amount of nutrients and calories you need.

We have to protect ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, take breaks from the media when possible because that can be a stressor for most people. 

We’ll get through this, so let’s protect ourselves and stay healthy!

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