Alternative Careers in the Legal Sector

The legal sector can encompass a wide variety of job roles. Some of these may require college or university educations, while others can involve starting at the bottom and work your way up, or completing an apprenticeship or internship. 

There are many careers beyond the standard defence lawyer or personal injury attorney, that many individuals may not have considered. If you have thought about broaching into the legal system, but are not a member of the bar, then these options may be of interest to you. 

Legal Secretary

If you are a fast and accurate typist, averaging a minimum of 60 words per minute, then the legal secretary position may be one that is suitable for you. This role may see you drafting up wills or contracts for company clients, as well as producing forms and transcribing audio notes for the solicitors. General administration skills, such as filing, liaising via telephone and email, and diary management may also be part of the daily role. To be recruited, you would need to prove your typing speed and have a high school diploma, at the very minimum. Higher education applicants or those on some form of apprenticeship scheme where they work while learning may be more likely to gain employment. 


For individuals who love to research and find facts, a paralegal role may be more enticing. You would work effectively as an aide to a solicitor or lawyer, undertaking the background research that allows them to perform to a good standard. This may involve you interviewing some clients and joining the representing attorney in the courtroom. A key eye and attention to detail would be a must. This role would require a certain level of higher education, or an individual undertaking a specific apprenticeship. 


You could also find work in the legal sector without needing to do anything relating to law itself. If you have a background in language, or are fluent in American Sign Language, you may also have crucial skills that law firms, police stations, and courtrooms require. You would need to communicate quickly and accurately, both to an individual in their language, and translating their speech or signage to others in the common language of the room.

Court Usher

This role involves preparing the courtroom for upcoming proceedings, informing individuals of hearing times, ensuring all relevant parties are present before a hearing starts, and calling individuals, such as defendants or witnesses, into court. You may also need to escort the jury, take messages, or even sort out hotel accommodation if the jury cannot reach a decision that day. 


Being in the law sector is more than just judges and lawyers. There are so many roles that keep our legal system running smoothly, and that are suitable for individuals with a wide range of educational attainments and skills. Finding one to suit you may be feasible, so long as you are law-abiding and an upstanding member of society. 

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