APTMA Elects a New Chairman

Mr. Asif Inam will lead Pakistan’s most important and influential textile exporting association from October onwards. He brings vast business and management experience at a time when the association faces the challenges of a troubled economy.


Asif Inam, Chairman and Chief Executive of Diamond International Corporation Ltd has been elected as Chairman APTMA (All Pakistan Textile Mills Association) for 2022-23; he will be taking over the leadership charge of Pakistan’s largest textile manufacturer and exporting group in the first week of October 2022.

Mr. Inam, now 57, brings to this job vast industry and management experience. He is not only Chief Executive of Diamond International, which is one of the largest textile spinning mills in Pakistan but has been serving in various other capacities. He is Chairman

N.P. Cotton Mills Ltd (a large manufacturing company), has served as a Member of the Advisory Committee of Federal Tax Ombudsmen and is a celebrated Gold member (No. 901644700) of the Young Presidents’ Organization. Besides all this, before being elevated as Chairman of APTMA, he served as Chairman-South APTMA. APTMA has two major sub-divisions: North and South, and the presidency of ATPTMA rotate between these two national divisions.

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Mr. Inam graduated from Karachi University and joined his family business of textiles. He has proved his vision and management skills by successfully operating and expanding the business with remarkable growth and has taken management responsibilities in both the private and public sectors. His philanthropic activities are focused on the areas of education, and he has created scholarship programs for students.

Given his keen insights into the industry dynamics and especially its energy challenges, he is often invited as an expert on media. He is taking responsibility at a time of great turmoil in the textile sector. The country’s economy is struggling with the serious balance of payment problems, ballooning debts, and rising energy prices after the outbreak of the Ukraine war. All these circumstances are affecting the textile sector, but in addition, restrictions on imports have multiplied the industry’s problems leading to shutdowns and layoffs. Global Village Space wishes Mr. Inam all the best in meeting the industry’s challenges.

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