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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bio warfare: The masterminds of COVID-19

In August last year, a biological weapon research base in the United States was shut down and over 900 people were quarantined, after a spread of flu and pneumonia. It is believed that one of the US army personnel may have been the “Patient-Zero” of COVID-19, as indicated by media reports from China. Did the Chinese or USA know about the virus before the military games in Wuhan? Was it transported to China? Read this piece to find out!

Pakistan is fighting the battle against COVID-19 alongside global populations. At some point, the country will have to enforce a total nationwide curfew under the emergency use-authorization, as the nationwide infections begin to surge. We need to protect our health care workers as we do not have hospital preparedness.

Pakistan’s COVID-19 hit rate is 1% to 10%. It may be reduced effectively if we apply sensible measures to ensure ‘social distancing’. Being a developing country, we do not have the world’s best health care system or resources to ensure one right now. However, if we adopt a ‘nationwide coordinated prevention strategy’, things may end up better than they have been across Italy, Iran, Spain or USA.

With a possible vaccine that may be available to us sooner than later from China, we stand a good chance to survive. In future, our best chance of success is to ensure maximum ‘public testing’. Next 30 days are critical for Pakistan as we are watching an exponential growth trend of the COVID19.

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Bio-warfare: US army personnel carried coronavirus to China?

In an earlier published book titled “The Eyes of Darkness”, a detailed version of events was published by the author, shocking the world today, years before the Coronavirus became known to the world. The uncanny link between the book and what has happened in the world today is mindblowing.

The book further narrates a real-life incident about a Chinese Scientist named Li Chen, one of the people who invented this virus. He then defected to the United States. It further explains how the virus can be created in a lab to use it as a Bio-warfare weapon against opposition governments.

The name of the virus stated in the book was ‘WUHAN-400”, which can very well be the COVID-19 of today. Also analyzing other incidents and stories globally, more interestingly bizarre facts about the virus come to light.

In August last year, a biological weapon research base in the United States was shut down and over 900 people were quarantined, after a spread of flu and pneumonia. The news of this place known as Trike Fort, was kept off the media. Later in October, the United States participated in military games in Wuhan, meters away from the South China Sea Food market, where the US athletes stayed in a hotel, close to the first identified virus origins.

It may seem that the virus that originated in a lab at a military base was transported through the 142 people from USA, who attended military games in Wuhan-China. It is believed that one of them may have been the “Patient-Zero” of COVID-19, as indicated by media reports from China.

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According to further details, some of these people were admitted to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital under mysterious circumstances. We do not yet know whether they carried the virus from the US or caught the virus once they landed in China — as the possible origins of the virus. Both nations remain silent on this so far

US dominates global biological weapons race

Apparently, in the same month at a convention held in Vienna, the US-backed out on the signing ceremony of “the World’s preventive measures on Biological weapons”. Unfortunately, this important news was ignored by mainstream media channels globally.

All of the above facts may be connected to a more dangerous biological weapon warfare strategy with strong reactions coming from Iran, China and Russia that indicate that the virus itself is a bio-weapon of war, created by world powers to dominate the weapons race and enforce world domination, with the USA as its epicentre. Whether WHO knew about all this is not yet apparent, although some nations have started to question the integrity and credibility of the organization after its poor handling of the pandemic.

In today’s nuclear age, we are not unaware of the extent and capability of nuclear warfare, perfected by countries carrying heavy nuclear arsenal. Viruses are created in labs as weapons of war, used by governments to arm themselves against external threats like other national armies and sometimes even civilian population as part of the wider strategy defined as ‘Bio-warfare’.

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Did the Chinese or USA know about the virus before the military games in Wuhan? Was Wuhan-400 virus discovered in the ’80s? Was it transported to China?

Many theories exist. One such theory is that the United States already possessed the recipe of the original virus Wuhan-400, kept it as a weapon and produced an antidote to the virus. This may further explain the confident claims made by the American governments initially, that backfired later as America itself became the biggest victim of COVID-19.

Today, global markets face the biggest financial threat as stock markets take a fall. Aviation industry has come to a halt, major cities deserted and most countries facing economic and safety concerns. Global policy on COVID-19 is entirely based upon prevention and hopes of a vaccine.


More vigilant social distancing measures; media to educate masses

COVID-19 is a high-risk contagion capable of rapid transmission with nearly 250,000 deaths worldwide. Given the label ‘Pandemic’ at this point, nations are debating containment measures, including screening, travel bans, medical testing and capacity building. Other ways to extend medical support to least developed countries, where it is feared that millions of lives may be lost are also being discussed. Africa and Asia remain most vulnerable as some of the poorest nations of the world thrive in these two continents.

The vital part of the debate is to understand how to restrict people-movement without disrupting the balance of world nations. A global ban on travel is bound to eventually be lifted soon while face masks may become a way of life while travelling anywhere in the world.

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The problem is that if too many people fall sick at the same time in any country, it will be very unlikely to eradicate the virus through existing measures like quarantine, due to the poor health facilities most nations have. A better alternative is to prepare countries for the time being — before a vaccine is introduced — by means of health education, prevention management, government support and advocacy.

The virus is everywhere and a lot of people are still not being screened across the globe. As of now, the media can play a vital role through capacity building and education advocacy for the people who still have access to social media. Elsewhere in China and the United States, the public lack of trust in the government is also evident over the handling of the COVID-19 situation from the beginning till now.

The travel bans and border checks have been done efficiently but more vigilant measures on “social distancing” need to be enforced. So far, the closure of all educational institutes has turned out to be an effective measure.

How should Pakistan tackle Covid-19

A forward road-map to fight the coronavirus must be drafted on a war footing basis while Pakistan is in the ‘infancy-stage’ of the infection. First and foremost, Pakistan needs to divert a substantial amount of budgetary funds towards the health sector right away, as crucial medicines may not be available.

Pakistan needs to seek the support of stronger nations like China, Russia and other developed nations to ensure advance supplies are in place. Masks and protective gear must be provided to the health care workers, medical staff and the public.

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The estimated global mortality rate of this virus is averaging between 2% to 10%. Still, it could mean millions of deaths worldwide. From a disease control point of view, quarantine measures may not work in the long term. Hospital surveys need to be in place on real-time testing. Heavily populated areas need to be monitored by random police checks for breach in quarantines and open market spaces.

Emergency medical supplies have to be accounted for through all available suppliers across each city and district. Rural areas are not being supervised as effectively and provincial governments need to be more involved in those areas for escalation signs.

Prevention is the only cure and action needs to be taken now. Simply closing off the borders may just be an initial measure. A need analysis is also required as not everyone would require a mask in the first place. The anti-dote theory sounds unrealistic at this time however; the origins of the virus as a bio-warfare weapon may not altogether be just a wild theory.

Lessons to be learnt

1) Covid-19 is a disaster that can occur again

2) No one is immune to this virus

3) Health Care is the universal basic human right today

4) 1% of the economy will not endanger the other 98%

5) Technology is the new winner

Who unleashed this virus? Only time will tell us more as the “Origins” of the Virus are investigated and disclosed.

Zeeshan Shah, Director at Children Nature Network Asia, writes on Global Affairs, Climate Change, Governance and Public Policy. Zeeshan is an Environmental Journalist & Change Maker, with over 20 years of expertise in Media, Education and Banking sectors.

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