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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Bollywood’s Yami Gautam reveals how Yoga helped her heal neck injury

Bollywood actress, Yami Gautam's struggle with pain and how Yoga helped her heal her body and mind is inspiring for all to read irrespective of religion and creed! Interesting! Inspiring!

Vicky Donor actress, Yami Gautam says yoga helped her in recovering from neck injury. She posted her image in a yoga pose on Instagram. In the captions of the picture, she wrote that yoga helped her heal her neck injury.

She talked about the efficacy of yoga in healing the new and old injuries even if people have busy schedules.

Yami Gautam-healing neck injury

“This post is very personal… Having suffered a serious neck injury, Iv always had to be extra cautious – esp owing to the fact the amount of physical exertion due to dance, workout, non-stop travel, physical activity, action, painful footwear, etc & this list is endless, resonates with being an actor [sic],” she wrote.

“Somehow it’s always been about never expressing the pain beneath the surface & rather conditioning your ownself to bear it & like its said,,, the show must go on,” Gautam, 31, added.


“This lockdown, I got to explore something which I couldn’t before! Every time I would try practicing Yoga, I would be left more in pain owing to my condition, hence my experience never encouraged me to continue.. but this time I self-tutored my way through & allowed my body to heal itself inside out and it has worked like never before!” she wrote.

“This lockdown was not about ‘looking fit’ or ‘ workout of the day’ … it was the time where I listened & just went with the flow! I am no expert (which you shall see in the imagesߘ?)! I took my first baby step towards this journey, which shall not stop,” the star added.

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She said with yoga she is on the path towards betterment. Yami Gautam also thanked her yoga instructor in her post. The Bollywood actress has 11.9 million followers on Instagram.

On the work front, Yami Gautam will be seen opposite to Vikrant Massey in Ginny Wed Sunny.

The actress on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

In one of her recent interviews, Yami Gautam revealed that while people were focusing on their health and immunity during coronavirus lockdown, she has been battling health issues since last year. She revealed that the bout of dengue and neck injury dropped her injury drastically. Yami Gautam took up productive activities during lockdown with a particular focus on her health. She baked gluten-free bread at home that she also posted on her Instagram account.

She revealed that following her bout of illnesses, she was exercising and working hard that put a strain on her health. Yami Gautam added she started cutting out on foods to look in a certain way. She said she realized the importance of good health and gives enough time to her mind as well as physical well-being.

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Yami Gautam also took to art to “connect with my inner self and let it express”. She urged everyone to take up an activity, be it “painting, cooking, dancing, yoga, workout, playing a sport (while staying indoors) or anything that u love… let it connect with your soul… (there’s) nothing more therapeutic than it … We are all in this together… it’s a long journey and let’s support and encourage each other in building stronger emotional health.”