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As we were about to go to print, India and Pakistan almost came to a full-fledged war. Since the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

Modern-day India reaffirms Quaid-e-Azam’s Two-Nation theory

Research scholar with a Lahore-based public policy think tank, wonders on the farsightedness of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who in the middle of the 20th century pleaded his “two-nation theory’ because he could envision the coming future of India where Muslims could only have been second class citizens.

March 1969: Reflecting fifty years later – Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad

On 25th March 1969, fifty years ago, President Ayub Khan, beset with street agitations in both wings of the country mostly led by Zulfiqar...

Creating the State: Pakistan and the Accession of Kalat, 1947-48

Author of ‘A Princely Affair: The Accession and Integration of the Princely States of Pakistan, 1947-55,’ articulates, in this provocative piece, how the protracted accession of Kalat was due to the unusual political structure of Baluchistan and the peculiar personality of the then Khan of Kalat.

CM Jam Kamal: A different politician from Baluchistan

Najma Minhas, Managing Editor Global Village Space sits down with Jam Kamal Khan, an unusually modern and pragmatic leader emerging from the new breed of politicians in Baluchistan. Jam among other issues also shares his government’s priority to engage what he calls the ‘Naraz’ Baloch.

Awareness campaigns required to develop insurance sector: Abdul Waheed

Mr Abdul Waheed became CEO Askari General Insurance Company in 2010. A Chartered Professional Accountant by training, he has decades of exposure in finance and...

Lawyer Movement: What it was, what it wasn’t? Reflections twelve years on

Lawyers Movement or “Adlia Bahali Tehreek” (Restoration of Judiciary) occupies an important chapter in Pakistan’s colourful political history. Kickstarted on 9th March 2007, when...

Can the Guardians Guard Themselves?

Former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting analyses the factors and necessity behind the Pakistani Supreme Court’s movement towards judicial activism whilst warning of the serious pitfalls of potential judicial adventurism.

The Dharna Judgment – Our New Judicial Discourse?

Pakistani origin, Harvard-trained lawyer, leading a group practice in the Middle East, discusses the recent Dharna judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Shad relies upon US legal jurist Dworkin’s work to point out that judicial decisions should be generated by using arguments of principle and not policy.

Ayesha Farooq – Fighter Pilot: Celebrating Pakistani Women

Flight Lieutenant Ayesha Farooq was the first female to become a fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force and in fact, in all of South...

Mehak Gul – Record Holder Pakistani Chess Player

Mehak Gul started to learn and master the game of chess from the age of 6. She first participated in an international chess event at...

Sima Kamil – CEO United Bank Limited: Celebrating Pakistani Women

Sima Kamil is the first female Pakistani banker to lead a major bank, in Pakistan’s 70-year history. Being one of Pakistan’s topmost bankers, she was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of United Bank Limited in 2017.