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Pakistan is no stranger to whirlwinds – indeed many would argue it is always in the eye of the storm. While, in March, the...

Imran Khan: Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown – Dr. Moeed Pirzada

Strains of governing a complex and increasingly troubled Pakistan become more and more visible as prime minister Imran Khan struggles to implement his ambitious agenda.

18th Constitutional Amendment: Divine document?

Chief editor Hum News explains why a rational debate is needed on the 18th Amendment to fix its anomalies, and why it should not be hijacked by politicians evading accountability.

Pakistan in midst of aggressive FATF lawfare

Head of an international leading law firm in Oman analyzes how the role of FATF and similar institutions should be seen in the context of lawfare and the difficulties for Pakistan to get out of its crosshairs.

Pakistan’s Painful Economics: What more the IMF expects?

Pakistan’s former finance secretary walks us through the policies Pakistan will have to pursue under the IMF program and given its current economic hardship why it should take the maximum loan possible from the IMF.

World Bank Country Director: How Pakistan went from being the best in region to a debt-laden country?

The World Bank has been in Pakistan since 1952 - almost since the inception of the country - and has seen Pakistan going through its high and low points. Many of the projects which today provide us with energy security were set up under the aegis of the World Bank, such as the Mangla and Tarbela dams. World Bank Pakistan's country director Patchumuthu Illango shed light on the institution's projects and goals in the country.

How Pakistan and Malaysia can work together – Dr. Omer Javed

An institutional political economist who has earlier worked with the IMF explains how Pakistan and Malaysia can collaborate on trade and investment.

Why Empathy at Work is essential: Veon’s CEO Ursula Burns

CEO Veon, the parent company of Jazz Pakistan, ruminates over how she made it to CEO of two major global companies – Xerox and Veon – and why visiting Pakistan is the best way to understand it.

Reality behind Pakistan’s latest tax amnesty scheme

The government aims to bring in the capital by introducing a tax amnesty scheme. With governments around the world tightening the leash on black money, Pakistan seeks to bring back in-fold tax evaders through the amnesty scheme. But the question of the scheme's long-term implementation still haunts the minds of authorities concerned.

Was Amnesty Scheme Pakistan’s only way out?

Abdullah Yousuf, former FBR chairman, explains what are the chances of success and shortcomings of the tax amnesty scheme. He argues that Pakistan needs to learn from other countries to put a full stop to the issue.

Why Banks are not doing enough in Pakistan?

A banking analyst at Intermarket Securities conducts an overview of Pakistan’s banking landscape explaining its situation and why it fails to provide ample liquidity in the economy and what the future holds for the sector.

BJP-Congress lock horns, Pulwama gives BJP an edge

Editor HardNews, Delhi, categorizes the 2019 Indian general elections like those in which India is fighting for its soul. As BJP & Congress lock horns and as Pulwama gives BJP an edge, he gives hope to some that beneath the misty haze created by the BJP media machine new dawn may yet emerge.