smart lockdown

May Editorial periscope: Pakistan’s Lockdown Dilemma

Editorial Periscope | May 2020 Pakistan has moved from a complete lockdown to a ‘smart lockdown’, as like other developing countries, it faces a catch...
International Criminal Court

Utilizing International Criminal Court to avert future Balakot-style attacks

It’s been 9 months since 5th August 2019, the day India abrogated Article 370 of its Constitution and split Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) into...
Pakistan's NCOC

Pakistan’s NCOC: Birth of a powerful democratic institution

Corona Pandemic compelled Pakistani system to come up with a new institution. National Command & Operations Center (NCOC) has emerged as quintessential Pakistani institution of crisis management.
imposing lockdown

Challenges of Imposing Lockdown: DC Islamabad explains

Pakistan was forced into lockdown by the third week in March. It had become clear that it was the only way to control the...
Pakistan economy

Unlocking the Economy – Keep Going

These days there is this pointless war of words going around in the political arena and also to some extent in the civil society....
special economic zones

Pakistan’s Special Economic Zones: Challenges & Opportunities ahead

In an exclusive Interview with Najma Minhas, Managing Editor Global Village Space, Mian Kashif, Chairman FIEDMC, CPEC linked economic zone, explains that Post COVID-19...
Jee Lo Har Ghar

Jee Lo Har Ghar: Jehanzeb Zafar CEO Askari Life Assurance

'Our mantra is that we are not focusing on fear; rather, we focus on the joys of life - Jee Lo Har Ghar. We...
Covid-19 affected the world

How Has Covid-19 Affected The World?

In case you were still confused, Mir Mohammad Ali Khan puts it bluntly for the reader: 2020 is not a year for business. It...

US-China Tensions: When Elephants fight grass gets trampled

Professor Adil Najam is Dean of the Purdee School of Global Studies, Boston University and former Vice-Chancellor LUMS, Pakistan. He was awarded the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2008.Najma...
Confrontation policies

Tackling virus: World needs cooperation not confrontation

We are now living in a world confronted with a deadly virus for which no cure and no vaccine appears to be in sight...

How God turned the whole world into Kashmir: Divine Retribution?

The ongoing lockdown across countries and regions due to COVID-19 has cheered many enthusiastic people of Kashmir. Not that they are heartless, insensitive to...


Art shapes a society: Know your history The role of art is crucial in shaping people’s view of the world. However, in the 21st century,...
film industry fighting Covid-19

How is global film industry fighting Covid-19

As the world adjusts to the new reality that is the post-Covid-19 world, Hollywood like other film industries is having to adapt to survive....

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Once upon a Virus: Chinese state media makes fun of US

Chinese state media network, has released a video that mocks the United States' coronavirus response. It tries to 'expose' and belittle Trump Administration's claims...