Buddhist Trail: Exploring Ruins of Ancient Kingdom of Gandhara in Pakistan

The PTI government plans to draw the attention of roughly 500 million Buddhists to Pakistan through developing a ‘Buddhist trail’ which will begin from Swabi, go towards Swat, and culminate at Taxila – the Kingdom of the Gandhara Civilization. GVS walks you through some of the major highlights.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Quentin Tarantino’s Not So Fine Piece

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is set in an era when Hollywood was going through a change. The star-studded cast of the film promises the viewers a chance at a joy ride. Pitt, Caprio and Al Pacino are names that attracted the audience to the cinemas.

Toy Story 4: End of an Era that Got Everything Right

Toy Story 4 is the 4th and last installment to a successful series of animated flicks that have been loved by children and elders alike. It features a star-studded cast with new adventures for our beloved toys.

Mahira Khan & Bilal Ashraf’s ‘Superstar’: A badly written script?

Pakistani movies, despite having potential, tend to go down the path of half-hearted attempts at movie making because of their weak scripts. Mahira and Bilal's film 'Superstar' is the latest victim of this cliched genre.