The Male Fertility Crisis— Debating the Causes and Consequences

The declining sperm count among men globally is primarily contributed by pollution, and it can significantly impact human health and reproduction.

India issues notice to Pakistan on Indus Waters Treaty

Pakistan is willing to hear concerns about the treaty, but has emphasized that it cannot commit any material breach.

Elizabeth Holmes— The Rise and Fall of the Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire in the World

Elizabeth Anne Holmes, once a promising entrepreneur, has been convicted of fraud and will soon begin her 11-year prison sentence.

PAKPAC’s “Day on the Hill”

PAKPAC organizes "Day on the Hill" to provide a platform for Pakistani-Americans to raise concerns about human rights violations in Pakistan.

Noor Jehan— The Reality and Cruelty of Animal Captivity

Noor Jehan's story underscores the harsh reality of animal captivity in developing countries, emphasizing the need for laws.

Palestinian Lives Matter— The world needs to speak

Ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestinians and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan highlight Israel's disregard for human rights.

Pakistan’s increasing political chaos!

Demonstrators rampaging the streets, young men and women and at times preteens throwing up barricades and resisting police and paramilitaries in pitched street battles like the Paris after storming of Bastille.

IMF-Pakistan agreement still stuck?

Despite repeated claims by Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar that he is about to sign the Staff Level Agreement (SLA) with IMF for the release of US $1.1 billion, it looks that there is a deadlock and it’s not going to go away any time soon.

Saudi-Iran rapprochement

The resumption of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a significant development that marks a potential turning point in their relations. It is a positive step towards promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, and it is hoped that it will lead to more constructive dialogue between the two countries and help resolve regional conflicts.

MH370: The plane that disappeared

An insightful Netflix documentary was recently released coinciding with the ninth anniversary of the day Malaysian airline MH370 was last in contact. A number of journalists, investigators, aviation experts and family members are still in their quest for answers and what has been gathered so far is eye-opening.

Pakistan’s textile sector & it’s multiple challenges

Pakistan’s textile industry is dealing with a number of problems, out of which the energy challenges are by far the most urgent and need to be addressed by the government in order to prevent the sector from collapsing.

APPNA Spring Meeting at Orlando: Community gathering at its best!

Each year APPNA organizes at least three large gatherings: Spring, Summer, and Winter. Editor GVS had the opportunity to attend the Spring Meeting at the beautiful Shingle Creek, Orlando.