PAKPAC’s “Day on the Hill”

PAKPAC organizes "Day on the Hill" to provide a platform for Pakistani-Americans to raise their concerns about human rights violations and media crackdown in Pakistan to American senators and congressmen.


The Pakistan-American Political Action Committee (PAKPAC) is organizing an event called “Day on the Hill” on April 25, 2023, at Capitol Hill. Many Pakistani-American doctors and individuals from different parts of America are expected to attend and meet with American senators and congressmen. PAKPAC aims to provide a platform for the Pakistani diaspora to raise their concerns about human rights violations and the crackdown on media personnel in Pakistan, which is an ongoing crisis.

PAKPAC was established in 1989 by a group of Pakistani Americans who recognized the need for greater political coordination, activism, and advocacy. Its members have been working to educate policymakers and have had a significant impact on US politics. PAKPAC is the only Pakistani-American organization registered with the Federal Election Commission and is not affiliated with any political party in Washington or Islamabad. It engages with both Democrats and Republicans.

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The National Board governs PAKPAC’s activities and elects a President for a two-year term. Each member of the Board contributes at least $4,000 annually and is actively involved in politics. Patrons give $10,000 per year, and National Members contribute $100 per month.

PAKPAC has previously conducted campaigns to raise awareness about issues in Pakistan, including the Kashmir issue. This time, the PAKPAC board has decided to draw the attention of US policymakers to the violations of freedom of expression taking place in Pakistan.

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