CBD Dosage: How Many Softgels Should I Take?

CBD is quickly becoming the preferred method of relief for individuals suffering from a range of physical and mental ailments. And one problem that many regular cannabidiol (CBD) users run into is how to take their needed doses quickly and correctly. Of course, one simple solution is to use the consistency of CBD softgels to one’s advantage.


CBD softgels are an easy way to maintain proper dosage when undertaking a cannabidiol routine. The therapeutic effects of CBD can be easily managed thanks to the uniformity of composition that is inherent to softgel capsules. This gives CBD softgels simple dosing instructions around, taking 2.5 mg of CBD per kg (2.2 lbs) of weight. (Those new to CBD should start with substantially less.)


Of course, there is much more to softgels than can be mentioned in such a brief space. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to using CBD softgels, and some of the best gels available for you to give a try for yourself. So, without further ado, here is our guide to CBD softgels and proper dosing.


What Exactly is a CBD Softgel?

A CBD softgel is a way to take cannabidiols (CBDs) via a liquid capsule. Softgels are preferred by many for their ease of use, discreetness, and speedy relief that they can provide. Softgels are normally faster than other oral methods of ingesting CBD thanks to their increased bioavailability. 


If you are unfamiliar with bioavailability, it’s the concept that some substances are more effectively absorbed by the body due to advantages that are inherent to its natural systems. CBD softgels are thought to enjoy just such an advantage. This is because the CBD carried by a softgel can be absorbed more completely by the bloodstream, where it is sent to the area targeted for relief. How intact it stays during this process is also a factor of bioavailability.


CBD softgels are thought to have increased bioavailability thanks to a few features many varieties will contain. This can include the use of nanotechnology for emulsification, more receptive CBD carriers, and even hardier compounds in their formulas.


How to Ensure the Right Dose for CBD Softgels?

Ensuring the right dose when it comes to CBD softgels can be easier said than done sometimes. This is because the amount of CBD per CBD softgel differs in composition between and within a brand’s offerings. So, too, will the amount of CBD needed differ based on factors as personal as one’s body composition and tolerance to CBD products. No quick and easy number of gels can be given.


In general, you will need to consider your tolerance to cannabidiols and body chemistry when trying any new CBD products. While this will vary based on the above factors, starting doses can be derived by using bodyweight, and can be thought of as roughly 2.5 mg of CBD for every 2 lbs (1 kg) of body weight. 


And seeing as how softgels can cause the most immediate effects, be sure to start with the lowest possible dose and ramp up from there. You can always add more to your next dose, though we recommend spacing doses by at least 4-6 hours initially, (to minimize the risk of delayed or prolonged reactions).


The Best CBD Softgels Available for 2022

Now that we know more about CBD softgels, let’s look at some of the best options for those that may want to give softgels a try. After all, not all CBD softgels is created equal. Each of the following capsules may have slightly different purposes, and three come from the same maker, Joy Organics, but they are all uniformly high-quality.


Joy Organics – CBD Softgels (25 mg & 50 mg)

The first soft gel we will investigate is this offering from Joy Organics which comes in both 25 and 50 mg versions. The difference between this option and the other Joy Organics offerings below is the more generic formula that it boasts, making this the perfect option for those that want a good all-purpose CBD softgel option.


For example, with 750 mg of CBD per bottle, even the 25 mg CBD softgels version will pack a potent CBD-inspired punch! And buying from Joy Organics should feel good, thanks to the brand’s commitment to using all ingredients that are certified THC-free, with vegan ingredients, and a pledge to free carbon-neutral shipping on all its products.


What you’ll like about it: The stronger softgels are a good choice for those looking for a stronger option, as the 50 mg capsules will provide enough CBD even for those whose tolerance may have increased.


Something to consider: As with any of Joy Organics softgels, these capsules are more efficient than typical tablets thanks to the use of nano-emulsion technology.


Joy Organics – CBD Softgels with Curcumin

Those that want even more of CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory power will be happy with the addition of another helpful ingredient—curcumin, a major compound of Turmeric—which has its own long history as an antihistamine agent.


What you’ll like about it: This softgel’s full-spectrum formula means that it can provide a wealth of cannabidiol compounds and terpenes that may be stripped out of other tablet formulas.


Something to consider: Joy Organics takes the time to remove even trace amounts of CBD that may be leftover from the hemp extraction process.


Joy Organics – CBD Softgels Melatonin & CBN

The last Joy Organics softgels that we will highlight is this option designed to help those that suffer from tossing and turning or sleepless nights. The use of melatonin and CBN means that a restful and restorative night is almost assured. This is because these ingredients can trick your body into adapting its sleep cycle naturally and beneficially.


What you’ll like about it: With 3 mg of both melatonin and CBN per gel tab, these pills are a great choice for those that want a low-grade of complimentary compounds in their CBD softgel capsules.


Something to consider: As with any of Joy Organic’s softgels, these offer greater bioavailability thanks to their water-soluble nature. Also, as a sleep aid, they may cause drowsiness.


Bluebird Botanicals – Hemp Soft Gels

This full-spectrum product uses both hemp extract and hempseed oil as foundational ingredients. This means that users can get some additional nutritional benefits from hemp seed oil’s inclusion.


What you’ll like about it: With 15 mg of hemp per capsule, these gels are a good starting point for those that may have some former CBD use experience, while still being mild enough for complete newcomers.


Something to consider: Other ingredients include bovine gelatin, which is extracted from animal tissue and makes this product a poor choice for vegans or vegetarians.


We’re Always Here to Help!

Have more questions about CBD softgels? Think there is a CBD product that we should know about? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always more than pleased to help with any questions or comments you may have about CBD.


We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about CBD softgels and that you might be tempted to give one of the above gels a try yourself. As always, thanks for reading!

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