Classic card games that are played in both Indian and Pakistan

From time immemorial, card games have come to be accepted as a culture amongst Indians and Pakistanis. This has even been witnessed in reunions, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and some other little get-togethers in India and Pakistan. Even in smaller circles, amongst friends, and as a form of keeping boredom away, card games have been inestimably appreciated. In this light, we provide you with some of the ageless card and Solitaire games enjoyed widely in India and Pakistan, they are:

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar has remained popular for ages. Andar Bahar involves a player predicting which side a number similar to the card in the middle will land – left (Andar) or right (Bahar). The rules in this game are easy and anyone can learn how to play Andar Bahar. Whichever side that the card falls wins, and this brings the game to an end. 


Bluff is a card game highly enjoyed in India, typically amongst 3 to 10 players at a time. After shuffling and dealing of cards, the player with Ace drops the card at the middle of the table, setting the game in motion. The goal here is for each player to say what they have and are challenged by another player. If right, the challenging party picks all the cards on the table; if wrong, the claiming player picks all the cards on the table. Overall, it’s very easy to learn how to play Bluff


Donkey is an interesting card game played with a deck of 52 cards amongst 3 to 7 players. 4 cards are dealt at the start of the game, and the goal is to have 4 cards of the same kind. The first player to understand this also drops their cards on the table and touches their nose. Other players follow suit until the last player does the same, who automatically becomes the Donkey.


Bank is played between 4 and 8 players with a deck of 52 cards – 3 cards are dealt to each player. The dealer leaves a card facing up, which he continues doing until a card lower than 8 is placed at the table. Each player bets that one of their cards is bigger than the card facing up, the dealer goes last. The winner claims the whole bet pool, while the loser pays the bet pool.

Black Queen

Black Queen is played between 3 and 6 players using a deck of 52 cards. The goal here is to avoid getting values or taking tricks that involve the Black Queen herself, as this would end your game. As a player gets the Black Queen, they drop and other players continue until one player without the Black Queen card emerges winner or last man standing.

Three Two Five

3 players play this game, and 10 cards are dealt to each of them, bringing the total to 30. At first, 5 cards are dealt, and then 3, and finally 2. So, the player with a complete set of the same card value of 10 emerges the winner. Thus, the goal is to be the first to get a total of 10 tricks or get something closer to it.

Seven Eight

Seven Eight is played between 2 players who are dealt 30 cards altogether. One of the players is the dealer, while the other chooses the substitute card. So, the player with the substitute card has to get 8 tricks, while the dealer has to win 7 tricks. Both parties continue dropping cards until the player with the highest card value emerges after cards are exhausted.


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