Covid stats see a dip in Pakistan; a ray of hope?

As economic activities reach a stalemate in the wake of lockdown measures, Pakistan’s troubles have only multiplied. To ensure that the curve remains flattened and daily activities related to livelihood remain seamless to an extent, the NCOC is working untiringly to make ends meet.

A slow decline in the numbers of Covid-19 cases was seen Monday morning with the country recording approximately 4,040 new infections in the last 24 hours. However, in the lieu of a slight drop in the infection cases, the National Command and Operation Center reported the Covid positivity rate of 7.54% in Pakistan.

These stats elucidate that under the apparent downturn in the daily trend of the cases, the increase in the active cases with the current figure recorded at 83,298 cannot be ignored.

Moreover, the data by the NCOC also show that in the last 24 hours, around 53 people have lost their lives that has triggered the death stats to 23,918. In the last 48 hours, Pakistan has recorded 85 deaths from the relentless virus which is marked by the delta strain. This death rate is the highest sibgle0day toll in the wake of the ongoing fourth wave of the pandemic.

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Cumulatively, the confirmed Covid-19 cases in Pakistan currently stand at 1,071,620, while around 962,404 patients have reached the recovery stage.

Governance strategies to curtail the fourth wave

Efforts to mitigate and put the lid on these surging cases have been the utmost priority of the governance systems of Pakistan and NCOC in particular. The smart lock-down strategies, advocating 50 percent occupancy in offices and workspaces, ardent vaccination drive and awareness nationwide, and the seamless spread of medical facilitates and medicines in hospitals reflect the country’s unwavering efforts to put life back to normal.

However, the delta variant has multiplied the problems and has placed impediments on the government efforts because of its speedy contagious nature and its spread among young children. As a result, the government oscillates back and forth between lockdowns and ease of restrictions. Given the fact that Pakistan is struggling on multiple fronts particularly the economy, shutting down economic activities may not be the most favorable option.

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Therefore, to ensure that the livelihood of the people remains unaffected to a larger extent, the government has advocated limited mobility and activities so that the poverty rate does not surge. Prime Minister Imran Khan has asserted multiple times that a larger segment of our population is on daily wages and thus the government cannot leave the people to die in hunger.

Easing of Lockdown in Sindh

As the week-long lockdown in Sindh eases from Monday, 9 August 2021, the government has allowed the resuming of economic activities from 8 am to 8 pm of limited nature. All indoor dining and gatherings are banned. Only outdoor dining is permitted with 300 guests till 10 pm. Vaccinated people are allowed for indoor gyms and Fridays and Sundays are declared as closed days. The educational institutes are closed till 18th August 2021.

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In doing so, the Sindh government aims to partially lift the lockdown and ensure limited economic activity while ensuring that the Covis-19 delta cases do not surge.

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