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From a Yousafzai to Manzoor Pashteen – Not in my name!!

Do Pakistani Pashtuns want Afghan ID cards or is it the other way round? Is Manzoor Pashteen merely a poster boy for those interest groups that stand behind this PTM Movement? A Pashtun answers all...

Manzoor Pashteen
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Shiffa Yousafzai |

I am a proud Pathan – who speaks Urdu with an accent.

Pashtuns may have entered the sub-continent from the North Western corridor, but today they are not confined to one province and scattered all over the country. They stick to a set of ethics and code of conduct which they call ‘Pashtunwali’. Although I am an urban Pashtun and we have drifted away from ‘Pashtunwali,’ the rural Pashtun or the Pashtuns living in tribal areas still have Pashtunwali incorporated in their lives. Additionally, they are also proud of their Pakistani identity, of which they are an integral component.

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I  affirm that I cannot thank my forefathers enough for choosing to migrate to this side of the subcontinent for trade from Jalandhar, though it was before Pakistan got independence in 1947. My paternal grandfather, a Yousafzai Pashtun served the country amongst the first and few textile engineers of Pakistan – he worked and lived in Bannu for more than 36 years of his life. My maternal grandfather, a judge and a lawyer from a small village called Shweki near Kohat, spent half of his life in Karak and the rest in Kohat. And as both my paternal and maternal sides of the family have been settled in Bannu and Kohat, I have traveled extensively to Kohat, Laachi, Karak, Bannu, Miran Shah, DI Khan, Banda Daud Shah, Thall, Hangu, and Parachinar tribal areas. Moreover, since we later settled in Peshawar, I have also traveled a lot to Swat, Mingora, Dir, Mardan, Topi, Swabi and so on. The love for this land and its diverse people runs in my blood, and this love is beyond the language I speak, the ethnic background I belong to, as for first and foremost, I am a Pakistani – and I am proud of it, just like I am proud to be a Pathan.

I was thus, intrigued when I came across a piece, in New York Times, with an interesting title, “To be young and Pashtun in Pakistan” but as I started to read, my intrigue turned into shock and horror. Can anyone in their right mind, paint the utterly flawed and misleading picture the way this writer did. Agreed, it is an Op-Ed piece and people write all kind of nonsense under the cover of “opinion” but could there be a limit, a check on the disconnection. This writer cleverly ends up painting a Pakistan where Pashtuns are “unequal citizens of an Islamic Republic” – which almost looks like the main purpose of this piece of writing.

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That was the moment when I felt like shouting: Excuse me! We, the Pashtuns constitute at least 30 million – if not 35 million as some sources claim – of Pakistan’s diverse population. And we are almost 21%  of the Pakistan Army against a population of not more than 15% of Pakistan’s 220 million citizens – this despite the fact that the Army, for the past 25 years, has been trying to align its composition to give equal representation to all ethnicities to be called a “National Army” and we are represented in civil services, judiciary, arts and sciences, film and theatre; we are doctors, engineers, lawyers – from news rooms of Pakistan’s powerful media to board rooms of Lahore and Karachi, we are every where. We are not just Mehsud tribesmen – entangled unfortunately in a super power’s created nasty war in South Waziristan – we are everywhere from Khyber pass to the port of Karachi.

Whether we talk of Zeb & Haniya, the young talented coke studio singers from Kohat, or we talk about Naseer Afridi & Shahab Qamar, a rock band from Peshawar who mainly sing in Pushto – inequality is out of the question. There is also another band from Peshawar named Khumariyan; this band incorporated Pashtun instrument Rabab in their songs and mixed Pashtun music with rock pop. And Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a Pashtun, has made us all indebted to him for making this country a nuclear state. Further to this, why forget Saba Khan? The first-ever female fighter Pilot in Pakistan Airforce, adding to a long endless list of generals and soldiers who fought and laid their lives for this country. And then, here is an obscure Op-Ed writer in New York Times telling us and the world that “Pashtuns are unequal citizens of an Islamic Republic” Give us a break!

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New York Times may be a great publication but its biases towards Pakistan are well known. It was obvious that the writer – in search of instant fame – was trying to fit himself into these biases. New York Times went overboard by adding pictures and finally a six-minute video of Pashtun protests inside the Op-Ed. “Is this an Op-Ed or NYT editorial campaign?” I wondered. I am a media person myself and to me, it was clear that the NYT was not just publishing a mere “opinion piece” but was trying its level best to shape a narrative.

There was another article by an American writer, ‘Why Pakistan’s Pashtuns are pushing back?’ I am a Pashtun and I am not pushing back. Not all are pushing back. Being one of them, I know a handful of us may be pushing back, for some reasons somewhere, but not all and the ones pushing back are doing so because they are unable to see the larger picture –  they are trying to generalize their specific problems into a larger ethnic divide. A divide that does not exist. Why they are doing it and why international media is pushing so hard on this intrigues me. I will be an idiot not to know that all of this frenzy is connected with the movement created by Manzoor Pashteen – Well he is the poster boy, face of it; only God knows who has created it, and who is pulling the strings from behind.

I have seen several places in KP and FATA when there was no law and order situation and I have also seen these areas after the war against terror had begun. Had the Army not fought against terrorism in FATA and KP? If not, every inch and centimeter of Mehsuds and Mohmands and Khattaks and Yousafzais and Wazirs and Afridis would all have been dead by now – at least most of us.

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So, I am amazed at this so-called movement of Manzoor Pashteen that has arrived to stir emotions when peace is returning. What intrigues me the most is that he – in all his public gatherings, from January till May – has been talking about how the Army mistreated Pashtuns at check posts, how land mines were not removed, how people have mysteriously disappeared (although I don’t deny any of that – these things have happened, may be even more problems exist than we know of at this stage) but this “Che Guvara” never mentioned to his audiences that he had already approached the ISPR – which we all now know through media – to have a talk with the Army officials and issues were being resolved.

Moreover, what I find even more suspicious is that, where is he getting the funds for all these huge public gatherings? If we take a look at a political gathering (Jalsa) of PTI or PMLN, they have to spend millions of rupees just to manage the stage, lights, chairs, barbed wires to make separate enclosures etc and organize a gathering. They have to arrange transport for the crowd to be gathered and if people are coming from other cities then their stay and food is another huge expense. Then there are crowd managers as well, who are to be paid for gathering people from their cities, villages, districts, etc. Who is doing all this for our Che Guvara? Who are the PR managers who have started the stunt of his “red cap” being marketed? Are we being made to believe that all this is spontaneous? Are we idiots or what?

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While Manzoor Pashteen is making videos of his devotees carrying red boxes and collecting the charity for Pashtun Tahafuz Movement’s public gatherings, (I would like to know how much did they collect and how much did they spend?),  if he  reveals the real source of funding that would be great, for I know for sure that millions cannot be raised by unknown people holding red boxes – and only the recent jalsa at Swat would have cost serious millions.

Like Swat, these gatherings are mostly organized in the cities which aren’t even affected by terrorism or army operations severely. Mardan wasn’t very much affected by the TTP or army operations. Similarly, a few other gatherings of PTM were also organized in the areas which were not as such affected by Taliban or army operations against them. Therefore, my next question is that, if this is a right’s movement for Pashtuns of South Waziristan or even the whole of Pakistan then what were the Afghan refugees exactly doing in these PTM rallies?

Manzoor Pashteen says that Pashtuns are dying and no one is paying attention to us but did the whole nation not pay attention and not stand with Naqib Ullah Mehsud’s family when he was murdered? The whole nation stood for Naqib Ullah Mehsud just like it stood for Zainab. A young boy Intezar Ahmed, 19 years of age, was also killed in those days in Karachi and it was a shocker too. But in all those killings, ethnicity was not the issue. Media and public reacted to the tyranny and sense of injustice. TTP killers did not choose their targets for their ethnicity; they were equal opportunity offenders who killed us all for impact, and if anything they killed, slaughtered and maimed Pashtuns most of the time. This war was not about ethnicities – someone is trying to bring “ethnicity” into it, and I have a horrible feeling that Manzoor Pashteen is merely a poster boy for those large interests that stand behind all this.

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Manzoor Pashteen complains for not being given the media coverage but the coverage given to him and the PTM by the international media is phenomenal; it has never been given to anyone or any movement in this country before, ever. Countless times, thousands of us have walked on streets in protests in 2014, against Nawaz Sharif’s election riggings – Western media was least interested.

I am not at all saying that the check posts and landmines are not problems or that detentions, disappearances or even extrajudicial killings may not have happened in South Waziristan or that greater funds are not needed for constructions of houses and shops that got demolished. But looking at everything – especially the sudden interest of western media – I suspect, the agenda of Mr. Pashteen – our self-styled Che Guvara – is not to provide the Pashtuns with their rights but something else.

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When we see Manzoor Pashtun being supporting by Mehmood Achakzai and his lieutenants, the situation starts to become clear. Achakzai is a man who still says KP belongs to the Afghans. Sure! It did belong to the Afghans but now it belongs to Pakistan and it will always stay that way. If ever, God forbid, the dream of the United Afghan – Lar o Bar, yo Afghan – of Ashraf Ghani and Mehmood Achakzai (and their financiers) ever comes true, then Peshawar will dominate and not Kabul. This is because Peshawar kept progressing with time and Kabul despite billions being poured in by its US sovereigns, it still cannot function without US presence. Do Pakistani Pashtuns want Afghan ID cards or is it the other way round?

Shiffa Yousafzai is a TV presenter & producer with Hum TV. She is an International Alumni Ambassador for Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, where she studied Multimedia Journalism. Earlier, she graduated with business and marketing at Air University, Islamabad. She had been vice-president Air University Cultural Society; She is a singer and has performed in cultural events. Shiffa could be followed on twitter @Shiffa_ZY and on facebook @Shiffa Z. Yousafzai. The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space Editorial Policy. 

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  1. We have much to write on this topic but it’s all in vain to try to persuade ppl that Pathan has suffered and are suffering alot until and unless they aren’t suffered themselves…one humble questions”can u plz go to Waziristan without noc from army and can you freely report whatever has happened there.

      • What a answer lol, watching a videos of ISPR are great source of our knowledge fata. indigenous ppl are the missing in such videos they are just fake faces shown by our film industry ISPR. Grow up if you ppl want to bring change think positive toward criticism they are not fools and are protesting, they suffered, they are the indigenous ppl, face the truth. Dont force them to become millitant listen them they are our brothers, sisters and mother who are crying over there in jalsa’s. Now they are in millions dont u see the biasness of media. Think positive for a while dont considerd army as holy cow if you want pakistan as a nation and as a democratic nation.

        • So Pasteen is the holy cow? A man who is ashamed to admit his own family name? BTW, if Waziristan is in a bad shape – then was it not the Taliban who created the mess? What is the ethnicity of the Talibans? They may be from Pakistan or from Afghanistan – but they are overwhelmingly Pakhtun. And Pasteen refers to huge numbers of ‘missing’ people – well of course, where do you think the Talibans came from? Were they parachuted from the heavens?

  2. I am also a proud Pakistani Pushtoon .PTM which literally means “Pushtoons Tahaffuz Movement ” but basically it’s “Pakistan Tabahi Movement” meaning “Pakistan destruction Movement ” is a foreign funded agents movement. No Pakistani pukhtoon is a part of this movement. Some of the leaders of PTM are missguiding people in Pakistan by saying that our demands are under the constitution of Pakistan so that more and more people can come to their demonstrations and show the world that too many people are against PAK Army and others of PTM are making plans for the destruction of Pakistan in Europe,USA and UK. Those who are seen in their demonstrations are those Afghanis who came to Pakistan as refugees and they have got Pakistan ID by some ways ,now they are cancer for Pakistan. Those who are supporting them on social media they are either Indians or Afghanis. Voice of America and other western medias should show the sea of Pskistani Pukhtoons which are against PTM.As long as Afghani are in our country we are no longer safe.We have a humble request to Pakistan Government aw Pakistan Army and Pakistan Government to take strict action against these foreign funded agents.
    Mong da Pakistan Pukhtana pa khpal Army fakhar kawo
    Translation =We Pakistani Pushtoons are proud of our Army

    • This is our main problem that we label every dissident as a traitor rather than addressing his grievances. Our Society is laking the intolerance that is the need of the hour. Do you have enough evidence that you can prove that PTM is being funded by Europe, USA, and UK?

  3. It also appears relevant to throw some light/ کالک, whichever is applicable, on Izzat Ma’ab Maj Gen Iskander Mirza.

    غداری، وردی اور بلڈی سیویلین

    وطن عزیز میں آج کل موسم بہار کے ساتھ ساتھ غداری کا موسم بھی اپنے عروج پر ہے مثلا نواز شریف غدار،اچکزئی غدار، منظور پشتین غدار، محسن داوڑ غدار، علی وزیر غدار، پوری کی پوری پی ٹی ایم غدار وغیرہ وغیرہ –

    کسی میں بھی یہ اخلاقی یا غیر اخلاقی جراءت نہیں کہ وہ حضرت جی ایچ کیو سے کم از کم یہ ہلکا پھلکا استفسار کر سکے کہ حضور والا ننگ ملت، ننگ دیں اور ننگ وطن میر جعفر آف بنگال کے تصدیق شدہ پڑپوتے میجر جنرل اسکندر علی مرزا کو کس نے “اسلامی” جمہوریہ پاکستان کا پہلا صدر بنایا تھا –

    اس میں تو کوئی شک و شبہ کی گنجائش نہیں ہونی چاہئے کہ اگر اسکندر مرزا میجر جنرل نہ ہوتے تو شاید کوئی ان کو جی ایچ کیو میں چپڑاسی بھرتی کرنےپر بھی رضامندنہ ہوتا مگر قربان جاؤں اس وردی کے کہ جب کوئی اس کو چاند ستاروں سمیت پہن لیتا ہے تو پھر وہ مافوق الفطرت قسم کی مخلوق بن جاتا ہے جس پر نہ آپ قرآن پاک کی کسی آیت کا اطلاق کر سکتےہیں ، نہ کسی حدیث شریف کا، نہ پاکستان کے آیئن کی کسی شق کااور نہ ہی پاکستان کے کسی فوجداری یا دیوانی قانون کا۔ وہ پھر ان سب سے ماوراء ہو جاتا ہے۔ لیڈی سپیشلسٹ جنرل آغا محمد یحیی خان، شکست سپیشلسٹ اور ٹائیگر آف بنگال جنرل امیر عبداللہ خان نیازی اور شراب اور لڑکی سپیشلسٹ جنرل منہ۔ شر۔ رف کی مثالیں بالکل ہمارے سامنے ہیں۔

    میجر جنرل اسکندر مرزا صرف پہلا صدر پاکستان ہی نہیں تھا بلکہ مندرجہ ذیل اعلی عہدوں پر بھی فائز رہا –

    سیکرٹری وزارت دفاع 23 اکتوبر 1947 سے لے کر 6 مئی 1954 تک

    گورنر مشرقی پاکستان 29 مئی 1954 سےلے کر 23 اکتوبر 1954 تک

    وفاقی وزیر داخلہ اور وفاقی وزیر مملکت برائے فرنٹئر ریجن 24 اکتوبر 1954 سے لے کر 7 اگست 1955
    گورنر جنرل پاکستان 7 اگست 1955 سے لے کر 23 مارچ 1956 تک

    صدر پاکستان 23 مارچ 1956 سے 27 اکتوبر 1958 تک

    پاکستان کے اس “فرزند اعظم” یعنی عزت مآب میجر جنرل اسکندر مرزا کے سگے بیٹے ہمایوں مرزا نے اپنے پتاجی کے بارے میں ایک عدد کتاب شریف بھی لکھی ہے جس کا عنوان ہے

    From Plassey to Pakistan
    A family history of Iskander Mirza
    The first President of Pakistan

    خرد کا نام جنوں پڑ گیا جنوں کا خرد
    جو چاہے آپ کا حسن کرشمہ ساز کرے

    یہ منسلک ویڈیو بھی ہمایوں مرزا نے شئیر کی ہے جس میں عزت مآب میجر جنرل اسکندر مرزا کو پاکستان کا گورنر جنرل بننے کے موقع پر ہماری مسلح افواج کے چاق و چوبند دستے 7 اگست، 1955 کو ” گارڈ آف آنر” پیش کرتے ہوئےنظر آ رہے ہیں – ذرا ملاحظہ فرمائیں – ویسے بھی ہمیں سیلوٹ مارنے کا بڑا تےوڈا شوق ہے یعنی پٹواریئے، یوتھئے اور سیلوٹئے – (افسوسناک بات یہ ہے کہ “سیلوٹیوں” کی تعداد سب سے زیادہ ہے)

    Link to the video shared by Humayun Mirza, the son of Maj Gen Iskander Mirza


  4. Now we come to the all- important Article 6 of the Constitution with deals with high treason and was incorporated in the Constitution by an elected government, which took power in the “new” Pakistan after our unprecedented “victory” over the hindu butparast generals in paltan maidan dhaka on 16 december 1971.

    Article 6. High treason

    6. High treason(1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.]

    (2) Any person aiding or abetting [or collaborating] the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    (2A) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.]

    (3) Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.

    It is painful to observe that it was due the stiff resistance put forth by maulana raheel sharif as army chief, which enabled the internally, externally, vertically, horizontally and eternally disgraced gen pervez(i) mu-shar-rough to proceed to dubai, without being subjected to the provisions of article 6.

    gen mu-shar-rough, being the course-mate of Maj Shabbir Sharif (Shaheed) – the elder brother of maulana raheel shareef, acted as “mentor” of maulana raheel right from the day when maulana was a student and continued this support during his entire fauji career, particularly when maulana was first promoted from the rank of brigadier to that of major general and then from major general to lieutenant general.

    مولانا راحیل شریف نے جنرل پرویز(ی) منہ۔ شر۔ رف کا احسان پھر اس طرح چکا دیا کہ اس کو آئین کے سنگین غداری والی شق کے اطلاق سے بچا کر دبئی پہنچا دیا اور خود ” مولانا” کی پوسٹ پر سعودی عرب روانہ ہو گئے –

    And these are the latest wordings of the oath taken by members of the armed forces of Pakistan when they become officers on the heads of this unfortunate nation:

    Members Of The Armed Forces
    [Article 244]

    (In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.)
    I, __, do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and uphold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people, that I will not engage myself in any political activities whatsoever and that I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army (or Navy or Air Force) as required by and under the law.

    May Allah Almighty help and guide me (A’meen).

    The major-general question, which does arise here, is that even after committing sangeen ghaddari under article 6 of the Constitution and after flagrantly violating the contents of their own oath, why our generals are not considered as ghaddar by our higher courts and why suo moto action in this regard is not taken by the “Babay Rehmtays” of our “Islamic” Republic?

  5. Childish article. Written at khalaee makhlooq ‘s behest. BTW money for jalsa is not needed when people themselves happily come to join. Money is needed when khalaee makhlooq or others have to persuade people to come. I have an answer to every ridiculous statement in this article but it is so obviously childish that it should be ignored.

    • O Grown up Farzand – at the end of the article the qualifications of Shiffa are written. Pray, tell me farzand, what qualifications and achievements do you have to make such utterances? You go ahead and ignore the article, as the world will surely ignore the likes of you.

  6. It’s good to have a healthy debate on this matter. It will be productive, if all Pathans, participating in the debate, remain focused on the actual problems being faced and work towards solving them.
    In any community, anywhere in the world, not everyone goes through the same life experiences, so everyone’s perspective is different. We have to learn to respect each others perspective.
    NYT or anyone else is no friend of ours.
    We should engage amongst ourselves, and acknowledge and solve problems.
    People protest when there is a problem.

  7. You speak urdu with an accent.so i think it is your standard for being patriotic, and you showed your hatered against Mehsood tribe by saying that Mehsood are not the only Pakhtoon.so here you agree that they are being suppressed and should remain down and should be killed for this bastard nation who consider questioning an institution a crime. I think the direction of Ka’aba for Paki Muslim should toward GHQ.

    • We already have Bait al Abyad (sufaid ghar or white house) as our Third Holiest Qibla after Bait al Muqaddas and Baitullah. Now you are suggesting GHQ to be a Ka’aba, which, if implemented, would be the fourth Ka’aba but only for Muslims (if applicable) of our “Islamic” Republic. But the major general question, which does arise here, is that which city of our country would offer the services of “Masjid Qiblatain” ?

  8. PTM is a sick joke being played by same powers which previously launched MQM, TTP, BLA……….This last offensive will also meet the same end !!!!

    • If PTM is a sick joke then why Corpse Commander Peshawar, Lt Gen Butt declared Manzur Pashteen as “apna bacha”
      مستحسن بات یہ ہے کہ منظور پشتین، محسن داوڑ اور علی وزیر جیسے نامی گرامی غداراور این ڈی ایس اور “را” سے ڈالر وصول کرنے والے بڑے بڑے ایجنٹ بھی اب اتنے قابل احترام ہو گئے ہیں کہ پاکستان کے سب سے وڈے وردی والے سرکاری محب وطن اب ان سے بات اور چیت دونوں کرنے پر رضامند ہو گئے ہیں – کیا یہ ایک کھلا ” تیزاد ” نہیں ہے ؟؟؟

      • ایک طرف جی ایچ کیو اور حساس اداروں کی آشیرباد سے پی ٹی اایم اور اس کی پوری قیادت کے خلاف ایک زبردست زہر آلود مہم چلائی جا رہی ہے۔ انہیں غدار، “را” اور “این ڈی ایس” کے ایجنٹ قرار دیا جا رہا ہے جبکہ دوسری طرف پشاور کے کور کمانڈر جنرل نذیر احمد بٹ صاحب فرماتےہیں کہ منظور پشتین “ہمارا اپنا بچہ ہے

        “بڑی عجیب صورت حال ہے کہ ایک حاضر سروس جرنیل صاحب ہیں ان کا ایک جوان بچہ ہے جو نہ صرف غدار ہے بلکہ ساتھ ساتھ وہ ہندوستان کی انٹیلیجنس ایجنسی “را” اور اٖفغانستان کی خفیہ ایجنسی “این ڈی ایس” کا ایک تصدیق شدہ ایجنٹ بھی ہے

        -کاش سارے کے سارے جرنیلوں کے بچے جوان ہو کر ایسے ہی بن جایا کریں تو دہشت گردی کے خلاف امریکی ڈالرز کے بل بوتے پر چلنے والی 17 سالہ پرانی جنگ 24 گھنٹوں میں ختم ہو سکتی ہے –


  9. Pakhtoonwali makes a person Pashtoon as you admit to have quit it.so very politely ,You are to be called a hybrid Pashtoon and you don’t know the ordeal of Pashtoon you may have travelled to places you have mentioned and must have stayed in supported guest houses..and you should feel ashamed for raising and writing suspicious and filthy pieces of writing continuously.. to feel the ordeal of Pashtoon you must feel in their shoes..if you cant support at least keep your mouth shut unless it is filled with jam..daily pathan dies at every check post when searched and shamed by personnels…i am an officer of 18grade but have died so many times at their hands and have watched our respected elders shamed and punished at checkposts.. pakistan zindabad and will remain for enternaity inshallah…but people like you will etched in Pashtoon memory…shame on you for relying on only references and using them to discredit Pashtoon ordeal

  10. Dear all, atleast use some sense pakistan studies, no 1 army, no 1 isi, hate politics, atomic power etc destroyed our mind come out from all these. those who are watching videos of Fata, that army built new markets and interviews of some ppl Where indigenous ppl are the missing in such videos they are just fake faces shown by our film industry ISPR. Grow up if you ppl want to bring change think positive toward criticism they are not fools and are protesting, they suffered, they are the indigenous ppl, face the truth. Dont force them to become millitant listen them they are our brothers, sisters and mother who are crying over there in jalsa’s. Now they are in millions dont u see the biasness of media. Think positive for a while dont considerd army as holy cow if you want pakistan as a nation and as a democratic nation.

  11. i m also against PTM and logically i give defeat whenevr we had a hot debate( bieng GC uni POLITICAL SCIENCE students and here all 60 plus students are with ptm except me) however i have some questions in my mind that is not pakistani army which has been taking foreign aid and then start cruel operations in which thousands has to died,maim, displaced? is not pak army which has used f16 against pathans? is pak army not behind talibans if u have doubt then meet i will meet u with my classfellows who are in taliban and being supported by pak army? is pak army not defame pathans in their videos showing talibans? read “in the line of fire” all major terrorists had been arrested in big cities of pak? where was usama and why the major involved in spying not arrested why pathan shakeel being arrested? why pak army encroached upon the mountains of mines, dry fruits etc in tribal agencies? why they have not ousted terrorists after such huge lost of cost in term of human,economics etc? when operation started and ended then what happened to items in market, homes, who have taken? if military can reform, save and run the country correctly then why not western adopt military regimes? if raise voices agianst the injustice and for the rights is a sin or cause destruction then it is fault in ur mind not in the rational slogans

    • you’re asking the same questions as the PTM is. They have the courage for “spiney spiney khabaray” // saaf baat, and are actually asking these questions to those who are oppressing them. Not sure why you are against them, but there is a lot of propaganda around them to delegitimize their demands, because they are speaking truth to power. So the entire military state machinery has been mobilized to defang and delegitimize their movement through propaganda, a lot of which is circulating on social media. Most of it is laughable, but it’s sad that so many believe it, because it plays on some kind of interest of the reader, like racism against Pashtuns that is predominant in dominant areas of Punjab, stereotypical discourse around poor Afghan refugees who are knowingly being confused with Pakistani pashtuns from FATA, etc.

      Find out their demands from legitimate sources, for example the international media reportage [sadly the local media is too afraid to report on the movement, and there’s a blackout so sensible/conscientious people people can be kept in the dark]. Their demands revolve around the exact same questions you are raising here. Put yourself in their shoes: think about what you would do, if you were as courageous as them, if you were faced with the same kinds of atrocities you highlighted above, what would you ask for? what kind of movement would you build?

  12. How a childish article this is ? Being an educated person I can’t believe whether it is written by a 5 five child or any professionalist

  13. Basic flaw in your logic: you are assuming that all Pashtuns in Pakistan will have a homogenous experience? Why/how can you make that assumption? Your experience does not speak for others’ because your experience is the product of a number of privileges that you failed to reflect on in your article. For example, the few that I can tell from your bio at the end: your upper or middle class privilege, being a woman [not subject to the kind of surveillance Pashtun men are], living in Islamabad, possible connection with the military through your family. All of this protects you from a lot of what regular, working class Pashtuns from predominantly Pashtun areas face, especially people of FATA, when they work, live, study in predominantly non-Pashtun areas.

    Educate yourself, break from from your dogma, reflect on your privilege, accept that the world is an unequal place, learn to empathize, and open your heart and mind.

  14. یار مجھے تو اتنا پتہ ہے لاہور میں بہت بڑی آبادی پشتونوں کی ہے اور بہت سارے اپنی دوکانیں اور کاروبار چلا رہے ہیں۔آج تک کسی پنجابی نے یہ نہیں سوچا کہ وہ پٹھان سے خریداری نہیں کرے گا بلکہ کسی پنجابی سے کرے گا۔ اور کسی پنجابی نے کسی پٹھان کو اپنے محلے میں رہنے سے نہیں روکا۔ہمیشہ کھلے دل کا مظاہرہ کیا ہے۔ پھر پٹھان یہ تنگ نظری کیوں دکھا رہے ہیں۔ پنجاب جتنے خودکش دھماکے ہوئے سب میں پٹھان ملوث تھے۔ لیکن پنجابیوں نے کبھی کسی عام پٹھان کو موردآلزام نہیں ٹھہرایا۔ بھائیوں افغان پاکستان کے پٹھانوں سے نفرت کرتے ہیں اور تمہارا گھر تباہ کرنا چاہتے ہیں عقل کو پاتھ مارو نا شکری نہ کرو پاکستان جیسی نعمت کی

  15. I don’t know as to why the fuck are we giving so much importance to this “JACK-ASS” and his followers/supporters including Achakzai (Not even Son-Of-The-Soil) etc.

    When we (The Pashtuns) were pushed around in Balochistan, KPK, and Afghanistan for money, where were they? Mehsood and Wazir Qabayul should give us the accounts/trails of all the money they made and you could see that lately in Sohrab Goth, Karachi and their wealth all over Pakistan.

    Typical way of making money again, “BHAR’RWA” kaar oo ka wa, tayyara yay ma ghwar’ra. Pashtun ya Pakhtun, da “PASHTEEN” la ka-may khwa raghai ao ma ta dassay khkari da “LOVENGEEN” dai (Pashtu kay yao lafz dai) “. If you know, what I mean!

    Afghanistan main hum Pakistani Pashtun hotay toe hamara hashar bhee wahee hota jo Afghanistan kay Pashtuns ka ha! Achakzai Sahib say kahen kay waheen shift ho jayain, Balochistan kee Gov’t. dee unko, khoob bhara ha upnay pait ko, jao na Afghanistan.

    Pakistani Pashtun shukr karen, yahan ach’hee khasi izzat dee ha hamain Baloch, Brahvi, Sindhi, Punjaabi, Seraiki, Kashmiris etc. nay, ika-dooka waaqaya hota rehta ha, burton hain bujtay rahain gay takranay say.

    PS:- Good Paper written by Yousufzai.

  16. Brilliantly written Ms. Yusufzai…
    Its very unfortunate that besides having the same bloodline of our forefather, besides having almost the same culture that we Pakistani Pathans have got in our heirloom, the same religion at el, most of the Afghanz have got nothin but hatred in der hearts for Pakistan. That is why out of nowhere TTP came up to destabilize and embarrass Pakistan in the eyes of the world which was eventually taken care of by the Pak Army which the Afghanz term as NAPAK Army. Now unfortunately to fulfill Afghan agenda of des is Manzoor ahmed (Who deliberately term himself as PASHTEEN) just to show the world that the Pushtoons are considered the down trodden in Pakistan. Hopefully PTM will be out of gas to move further soon.


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