Hong Kong Police catches $7.3m smuggled drugs from Pakistan

Hong Kong Police arrest two brothers in connection with the 1500 consignments of bedding coming from Pakistan, laden with illegal drugs. It has successfully disrupted up to 910 kg of drug supplies from entering the market in the first half of this year. This means Pakistan is the hub of such drugs?

On Sunday. 8th August, the Hong Kong Police shared that they captured 106 kg of smuggled drugs with their worth of about 7.3 million US dollars. These illegal drugs were found in bedding containers that had arrived from Pakistan that had up to 1500 consignments.

Additionally, Hong Kong Police caught two brothers aged 24 and 26 while raiding the warehouse at Yuen Long. They were detained by the National Bureau on narcotics; The 26-year-old brother was caught for attempting to derail the police operations while the younger one failed to prove his identity while obstructing the police.

The authorities had raided Yuen Long warehouse on Thursday as per information provided by the intelligence agencies. According to the police, a logistics company collected these containers coming from Pakistan by sea, from the Kwai Chung container terminal, and the goods contained 24 kg of ketamine and 82 kg of crystal meth, better known as ice.

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Police had found the two above mentioned men suspicious and caught them, believing them to be the mastermind of this hustle. However, they were bailed out on 8th August, Sunday, but they are still to report back to the Police by next month.

A similar case was reported in late July this year when five teenagers were caught in an operation that disclosed liquid ketamine hidden in a consignment of rose water airmailed to Hong Kong from Pakistan. In another raid in Yuen Long this month, officers capture a three-storey house operating intricate cannabis-producing systems, that likely churn out 34.72 million US dollars worth of drugs every year. Customs officers arrested a 47-year-old man living there.

In the first half of this year, successful operations have seized 910 kg of illegal drugs. Similar operations were carried out in July this year. The Hong Kong police arrested 6 suspects linked with narco-trafficking. The raids were carried out in Yuen Long, Mong Kok, Fanling and Sha Tin from where the officers retrieved 80 kg of ice, cocaine, and liquified methamphetamine almost worth 8.11 million US dollars.

In another case, a father and his two daughters were intercepted by the police. Up to 24 kg of heroin was found in the trio’s flat, worth 3.6 million US dollars. In April, authorities cracked down in Fo Tan and Sha Tin seizing 700kg of cocaine worth 115.7 million US dollars. In Sau Mau Ping’s operation on the same day, heroin and methamphetamine were seized. These supplies were believed to be coming from South America and Southeast Asia.

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Latest official statistics indicate that seizures of illegal drugs – cocaine, cannabis, crystal meth, ketamine and heroin – rose 63 per cent to about 3.68 tonnes in the first six months of 2021 compared to last year. Authorities have not disclosed further information but have vowed to increase their intelligence exchange and capacity in order to effectively crackdown on drug trafficking entities.

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