How Can I Help My Child Adapt To The New School?

    The need to change the school may arise for different reasons: moving, conflict in the classroom, or the desire to improve a child’s performance.


    But almost always the transition to another school is accompanied by stress. After all, it will be necessary to change not only the premises, but also lose friends, part with teachers and establish relations in a new place.


    How to soften the transition to another school? What testifies to the child’s difficulties in the new environment and how to help her adapt to the new conditions?


    We suggest that you learn in our article.


    Why does a child get stressful when the school changes?


    About 75% of schoolchildren feel discomfort during the transition to a new school and are aware of it.


    The rest of the children assure that they have no fears or problems. Although they can simply reassure parents or do not want to open their real feelings.


    The main difficulties that children have as a result of changing their school are:


  1. Loss of friends and acquaintances.


  1. Fear of the unknown, fear of the new team/requirements/teachers.


  1. Caught in a situation of evaluation, supervision, both by teachers and children.


    In addition, a child’s experience increases if the environment changes simultaneously with the familiar team. For example, changing a school is related to moving to a new city or country (or to a school with a more full curriculum).


    How long does the child get used to the new conditions?


    As a rule, the adaptation period takes one or two months.


    But the speed of its flow also depends on the nature of the child. If he easily endures changes, likes to get acquainted and make contact, the transition to a new school will be an adventure for him, and the adaptation will pass unnoticed.


    If the child is prone to anxiety and shyness, it will be more difficult for him to get used to the new conditions. In the case when after 2.5-3 months of study in a new school, the child still has difficulties in getting used to the new school, it is worth contacting a specialist.


    How do parents know that the child has adapted to the new environment?


    During the first months of transition to another school, it is worth watching for changes in the child’s behavior. Pay attention to his actions, mood and well-being.


    If the child has settled in the new team, he or she:


  • he or she is going to school with satisfaction;
  • communicates with classmates after lessons and in social networks;
  • invites friends to visit and they come and you already know some of them.


    Signs of problems with adaptation can be:


  • returning home from school in a depressed mood, with red eyes (from tears);
  • reluctance to tell anything about your classmates;
  • poor academic performance;
  • looking for reasons not to be busy (even if academic performance is high);
  • worsening of appetite and sleep.



    What to advise parents who have decided to change the place of study of their child?


    Psychologists recommend that the transition to a new school should be easy and comfortable for the child:


  1. If possible, wait until the end of the school year or at least vacation.


    At this time, other newcomers may come to the class, children leave the school and teachers explain the rules of behavior to them once again at the beginning of the quarter, tell them about new subjects and ask them how they had rested.


    In this case, coming to the classroom will not look like the main event of the month that will allow the child to better adapt in the team.


  1. To be calm, not to show your child your own excitement – the child feels all this and is even more scared.


    Talk to the child, find out what worries him/her. Tell them that it will be possible to meet with previous classmates on weekends or after school. In addition, the child will have new acquaintances. Finally, let him use this website to help with studies.


  1. Before sending your child to a new school, it will be useful to go there together on a tour.


    You can go to the classroom during the day group so that the child can informally meet with classmates and play with them (in the game it is much easier to make friends).


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