How to decorate your apartment on a budget 

We are all guilty of spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, desperately searching for some inspiration for room redecoration. Sadly, you soon find out that professional interior design is expensive and all the fancy décor you wanted is way out of your price range. So, how about finding ways to decorate your space on a budget? Here are some tips and tricks to help your apartment go from dull to dazzling without spending big bucks.  

Use posters: If you feel as though your walls need a bit of colour, but find that wallpaper and paint is a bit expensive, why not use posters to fill the space? You could get your favourite films, favourite pictures or just print nice patterns, frame them and hang them along your wall of choice. This is a cost-effective way to cover a blank canvas and a fun way to showcase your personality and is practiced by tenants of apartments near Memphis. Plus, when the inevitable happens and you desire a new theme for your space, you can easily take them down and replace them. 

Recycle: Consider what you are recycling and ask yourself whether it could be repurposed. For example, you could put fairy lights in an old gin bottle to create a cute lamp or an old vase could hold pampas grass or petals to create a long-term decoration. This is also a good idea with furniture, as you can restore old items and they’ll give your house a vintage-yet-trendy look. 

Go to second-hand/vintage stores: There is no joy greater than when you find a beautiful bargain from a second-hand or vintage store. A lot of these stores sell furniture and decorations for a hugely discounted price – which is very helpful for your budget. It is also a great way to find a piece of unique furniture that has the potential to become a feature in your room. 

Think outside the box: It isn’t just décor that can be done on a budget; consider that the most expensive things are not even necessary – if you think smartly. A bed frame, for instance, although very common, is not needed for a good night’s sleep. Put the mattress on some wooden pallets and you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing (yet cheap) bed. 

Multi-purpose furniture: When is a trunk not a trunk? When it’s a coffee table! Have a think about how items you already have in your house could be repurposed into something else. For example, using a trunk as a coffee table is a great idea. Not only does it look vintage, but it also acts as a table for drinks. You could also store blankets, magazines or DVDs inside, freeing up visible storage in your room.  


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