How to Start a Writer’s Blog: The Essentials

Sooner or later, writers, get the urge to create a blog. Either to create their own brand or to have a showcase in which to display their works. In either case, creating a writer’s blog generates many doubts.

A writer’s blog is a tool that gives visibility, shows your way of writing, and is also a platform where you can publish your book or essays – if we are talking about essaywriters. It is a window to the reader. There are even formulas for earning income through a blog.

Objectives of having a blog

First, to understand the importance of having a writer’s blog, it is necessary to know the benefits. First, it is a tool to help us position ourselves as writers on the web and get closer to our target audience.

It is a space to share ideas, promote interaction and, in short, promote the creation of a community with your writers. 

Where to start

Before creating a writer’s blog, having a name and registering the domain is necessary. If you are looking for professionalism, write your part. It is the first step to creating your blog. In our case, buying the domain with our own name is most advisable.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to do something independent from your brand, choose another name. There are different portals to choose your domain. With some research, you can decide which suits you best.

Host your blog

Another technical part of building your blog is hosting it. That is a hosting, a server connected to the Internet where you can host your website. But why do I need this?

Having a website on the Internet means being visible. Therefore, hiring a hosting service will allow you to be seen by anyone worldwide, improves the speed of loading your page, and allows you to solve problems.

Free literary blogging platforms

You may be lost at this point. Domain, hosting… isn’t a free blog on Blogger or WordPress enough? Yes, it also works. It is not the most professional, but it is the easiest. We would recommend a blog on these platforms, but instead of having your default domain ending in or as some reading blogs have, it is best to buy a part for your writer’s blog ending in .com You can manage it both from Blogger and WordPress, and it does not change the management.

Customize the look and feel of your writer’s blog

Whatever the platform for writing blogs, you can choose different templates for your blog and load other modules according to what you are interested in putting. We suggest icons for your social networks so that they can be easily accessed.

Create content for your blog

Define different tabs and start working on the content on them. Include one where you can talk about yourself, publish your biography, etc. Dedicate another tab to Contact so they can quickly get in touch with you. From here, it’s time to generate articles of interest to your audience.

Create a calendar and establish a frequency for publishing articles. Try to keep your content updated and make it visible through social networks. This way, you will increase the reach of your publications and improve your SEO.

Subscription list

The blog is the best tool for creating a list of subscribers, that is, people who give you their e-mail addresses so that you can send them news and updates by e-mail. Place a gadget on your blog or put forms in the entries so visitors can enter their e-mail. A large list can be important when you publish a book to communicate it and get sales or attendees to the presentation.

Mistakes of writers’ blogs

The main mistake we often find in literary blogs is the need for updating. Set yourself a rhythm of publications and stick to it so that the visitor finds new content and visits the blog from time to time. Another common mistake is that the writer must focus on talking about himself and his work, which can bore the visitor. You have to avoid egocentrism. In addition to the news of your literary work or your writings, introduce other types of content such as scholarly reviews, reading tips, or general information about books and writers.

Analyze and keep improving

Keep in mind that to see the evolution of your blog, it is necessary to analyze your web traffic, know your audience and thus be able to reorient your strategy.

In short, it is time to start creating a blog and to think about what I have to offer and how to make it attractive. Get to work and start thinking about your domain, find your hosting, and start a new challenge.

Don’t forget to connect your writer’s blog with your social networks and share your updates.

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