How will the new iPhone and 5G boost effect mobile usage

How much time do you spend on your smartphone? You may know the exact answer to this question because of a fancy app on your phone, but research suggests the average person uses their phone between 2.5 and 4.5 hours each day, depending on age. That means that some people are using their smartphone for the same amount of time each week as a part-time job.


Often these statistics get a bad rap because we assume that people are wasting their time when on their phones, but that is not always the case. Our smartphones also have a lot of productive uses, and that downtime is needed to help us wind down and recharge.


But how will smartphone usage change once the new iPhone 12 hits the digital shelves? This device may be a cornerstone for how much we use our smartphone each day because of its capabilities. Let’s learn more.


The New iPhone in a Nutshell


Apple will release a new mobile device, namely the iPhone 12, later this year – and you’ll even be able to get a mini version too, i.e. the iPhone 12 Mini. There is a lot going for the latest release as it claims to be the thinnest and lightest smartphone made to date. But that isn’t the most prominent feature Apple is boasting.


The most significant talking point on the latest version will be it is a 5G mobile device, providing faster internet speeds than any other iPhone and reduced latency. The latter is instrumental when playing games and using apps on your phone, which would make the loading time for mobile casino games and other online games quicker than ever.


Overall, the whole online experience is going to be less buffering and downloading – and more internet surfing or gaming.


How Will the iPhone 12 Effect Mobile Usage?


If we are going to be able to do things on our smartphones quicker than before, logic would say that our overall time spent using our smartphones would decrease. Even if each online task became a second or few seconds faster, surely these would add up and reduce the amount of time we use our smartphone each week?


Well, ye and no. Of course, faster 5G capabilities make us faster, but it will probably make us want to use our smartphone more. 5G will make smartphone gaming more popular than ever because developers will be able to create better games with improved visuals, all while not worrying if the smartphone device can handle it.


Could iPhone 12 Create a Mobile Gaming Boom?


Mobile gaming is already booming. In fact, the mobile gaming market accounts for around 50% of all gaming already, with thanks to popular games like Pokémon Go and online casino apps. The question is not if the iPhone 12 5G phone will create a mobile gaming boom, but will it give the mobile gaming industry another reason to go bigger and better? And the answer is probably yes!

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