Indian claims against Pakistan not credible: Afghan official snubs Indian reporter

According to an Indian anchor, Pakistan is playing a double game in Afghanistan. On one hand, Islamabad and Beijing are planning anti-terror actions for Afghan peace, but on the other hand, Pakistan is carrying out terrorist activities in Afghanistan. The anchor's claims were debased by Torek Farhadi who said he has not seen any proof of Pakistan's terror activities in any credible news forums.

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A video of former Afghan advisor Torek Farhadi, debasing Indian claims against Pakistan and China is making the rounds on social media. The video clip is from an interview Torek Farhadi gave on 27th July to Indian anchor Priyanka Sharma of WION.

As part of a news program, Priyanka Sharma claimed that Pakistan’s double standards are exposed. Pakistan and China on one hand are planning anti-terror operations in Afghanistan, while on the other hand, Pakistan continues to send terrorists to the country, she claimed.

Priyanka Sharma also gave updates on Pakistan providing safe passage to Afghan soldiers and NSA Moeed Yusuf’s visit to the US. According to her, the timing of the NSA’s visit is crucial as Pakistan seems to be appeasing the US.

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After giving news updates on the regional development Sharma accused Pakistan of misleading the world on its activities in Afghanistan. She also said that the Afghan government confirmed that Pakistani terror groups Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad are moving bases to Afghanistan.

She justified this statement by saying that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani confirmed in his speech in Uzbekistan that about 10,000 terrorists from Pakistan have entered Afghanistan.

Interestingly, Sharma showed a clip of the Afghan President with no audio.

She then invited Torek Farhadi to elaborate on the matter.

“Reports suggest that China and Pakistan will work together in Afghanistan, especially when it comes to the CPEC,” she said,” How will this alliance affect the instability in Afghanistan?”

To which Torek clearly replied that he had not seen such reports in credible news forums.

“I have not seen the reports you are referring to in any credible world-level news forums,” he clearly said.

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Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan

Quelling the claims of Pakistan’s terror activities in Afghanistan, Torek Farhadi said that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism. He was referring to the Dasu Bus incident.

Sharma then asked Torek Farhadi’s opinion on Pakistan’s alleged “hypocritical stance.” Islamabad is planning an anti-terror alliance with Beijing. Meanwhile, Lashkar-e-Taiba is shifting base in Afghanistan as allegedly confirmed by the Afghan government.

Torek Farhadi once more said that he has not seen the reports she is referring to. However, he said that Beijing and Islamabad do support a ceasefire in Afghanistan.

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“This is the first time that Pakistan has used the term ceasefire,” Torek Farhadi said,” Pakistan is worried.”

Pakistan is worried about a complete Taliban takeover as it itself fears a terrorist spillover from Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan wants a peaceful solution for Afghanistan at all costs.

He further reiterated Pakistan’s desire for peace in Afghanistan and said Pakistan will put more pressure on the Taliban for negotiations.

“As far as China or Pakistan having agreements between them, it is the business of two sovereign countries,” Farhadi added.

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