Indian professor compares low petrol prices in Pak with India’s

India's latest surge in fuel prices has shaken the country. According to Indian media reports, prices hiked sixteen times in May and five times in June so far.

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Indian Professor Ashok Swain compared the petrol prices of his country India with that of Pakistan and other South Asian countries.

He said in a tweet on Thursday, “Price to pay for nationalism. Petrol Prices in South Asia in Indian rupees (are), in Pakistan Rs. 52.51 (INR) and in India Rs. 102.82”

He is a Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is popular among the Pakistani audience for his unique arguments and ideas.

Petrol is currently retailing at IRN 102.82 per liter in Delhi and diesel is priced at IRN 86.75 per liter. In Mumbai, petrol price has crossed IRN 102 per liter and diesel is retailing at IRN 94 per liter.


India is witnessing an all-time hike in its fuel prices. Last Friday, the petrol and diesel rates across the country were increased by 28-29 Indian paise.

Indian population is severely unhappy with these massive surges in fuel prices and is voicing their displeasure with the Modi government.


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Some have even gone as far as to make comparisons with fuel prices in neighboring countries, for example, Pakistan.


A Twitter user uploaded an image comparing fuel prices of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, with India showing the highest figures.

Hikes in fuel prices in India have even provoked the population into a mass protest. Activists have taken to the streets and are conducting protests outside petrol pumps in India.

Claims are being made that Modi’s BJP government is blatantly looting the people, as the uncontrolled rise in fuel prices is an unnecessary burden on the people of India, who are already suffering due to the Covid pandemic. The population is upset that instead of providing economic relief, the central government is making the people suffer as a result of bad governance.


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An upward trajectory

In India, the fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the local taxation (VAT) and freight charges, therefore all other cities in the country are also facing a severe surge in fuel pricing.



State-run oil companies are hiking rates at the moment in view of higher global crude oil prices, and experts are worried that it severely impact India’s economic recovery.


Fuel prices in India have been consistently on an upward trajectory since the past month where, according to Indian media reports, prices hiked 16 times in May and five times in June so far.


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As per data, India’s oil demand has sharply fallen due to the Covid-19 situation, but higher fuel prices may worsen the situation. Although the pandemic primarily impacted demand, experts are certain that rising prices have also forced people to limit fuel purchases.


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