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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PM Khan on U-Turns: What he said and what he meant?

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Prime Minister Imran Khan is once again in news for his politically incorrect use of language. He said,” A leader who does not take “U-turns” according to requirements of the situation is not a real leader.” He was speaking to media persons at the Prime Minister house.

PM Khan also cited an example from his cricket days when he led Pakistan’s national team, saying, “We used to make strategies for matches but if those plans failed to deliver then we would make new strategies.”

The PM wanted to ensure the nation that he was moving forward according to the demands of the situation and he is not rigid and uncompromising.

Moreover, PM Khan referred to Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte and said, “Hitler and Napoleon suffered huge defeats and caused losses as they did not take U-turns.” PM was focusing on a single point that the leader is one who changes plans and strategies to counter the emerging circumstances. “If you are walking and there is a wall in front of you, then you will have to find another way around it,” PM Imran said, adding that “a leader who does not know how to take U-turns is not successful.”

He also talked about Nawaz Sharif and his recent and latest statements in the National Assembly and judiciary. He said that “what Nawaz did in court was not a U-turn but a lie”. Nawaz Sharif, the ousted PM, gave a contradictory statement and was unable to justify his assets beyond known sources of income. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared him a dishonest and untruthful person in Panama Paper’s judgment.

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Just after the statements of the PM went on-air, the social media rocked and fans and critics started bashing him. A social media user tweeted saying, “I seriously can’t believe or digest that Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of our country actually said this, in his full senses, in front of media. Please, someone, tell me this is not true!”

Another social media user expressed his anger saying, “Strange to know about the u-turn statement of PM. It means we can expect U-turns about all those promises that he used to make during his election campaign and speeches in past..”


PM Khan is often seen issuing politically incorrect statements. Analysts believe the intention of the PM was clear but his words selection was not up to the mark. The PM wanted to ensure the nation that he was moving forward according to the demands of the situation and he is not rigid and uncompromising. Some segments of media presented the statement of the PM out of the specific context which did seem not only awkward but also incorrect.

Prime Minister also forgot to remember that now he holds an official position and his carelessly used words may cause a heavy price. It is always good to deal with the situations according to the demands but it is imperative for a political leader to keep his words once he promises. Mr. Khan failed to make a clear distinction between the two. The media has further complicated the matter.

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Unfortunately, this has always been the trend in media to pick statements out of the context, give meaning as it suits, undermining the social responsibility and ethics. Misinformation is more damaging than no information. Given that this is the era of information war, it is the time media start acting responsibly rather ‘creating’ news for winning the corporate rat race.