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Friday, February 16, 2024

PPP paid Rs50 million in cash to Uzair Baloch, reveals Habib Jan Baloch

Habib Jan Baloch, a close associate of Uzair Baloch, has revealed PPP’s association with Uzair Baloch. PPP allegedly paid Baloch Rs50 million in cash for following orders of the party leaders. However, the PPP government after coming under pressure distanced itself from Uzair Baloch, Habib Jan alleged.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi on Saturday released a video of Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch’s friend Habib Jan Baloch. Ali Zaidi, while tweeting the video, said that crime and politics have gone hand in hand and Asif Ali Zardari and Qadir Patel have been exposed by Habib Jan. PPP paid money to Uzair Baloch, reveals Habib Jan Baloch.

Habib Jan Baloch, a close associate of Uzair Baloch, has said in the video that after 2012 operation, PPP again approached Uzair Baloch and paid him Rs50 million in cash. After this Uzair Baloch rejoined PPP, Habib Jan added.

He said in his video that the then CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Sharmila Farooqui and Faryal Talpur also met Uzair Baloch and after that his office was attacked in which his brother died.

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Habib Jan Baloch further said that the PPP government after coming under pressure distanced itself from Uzair Baloch. While responding to a question, he said that the group was involved transfers of police officials of up to rank of the IGP.

PPP had contacts with gangsters, Brig. (read) Basit Shuja

Brig. (read) Basit Shuja, a former sector commander of Pakistan Rangers Sindh, revealed that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders had maintained contacts with the Lyari gang war leader, Uzair Baloch. He was speaking with senior TV Anchor, Nadeem Malik on Samaa TV.

Basit Shuja, while talking to a private news channel, claimed that former PPP leaders including Faryal Talpur and former Sindh chief minister had been in contact with Uzair Baloch. He further detailed that Zulfiqar Mirza had backed the Lyari gang war criminals and another PPP leader Qadir Patel had surrounded the Rangers when a gangster Saqib Boxer was killed in an operation in 2013.

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Brig. (retd) Basit further said that the nexus between criminals and political parties were not hidden from the public eye. Uzair Baloch had admitted for having such powers to transfer officers. Shuja also claimed that almost all members of banned outfits were found affiliated with different political parties.

Sindh government is hiding the original report, says a federal minister

Ali Zaidi, senior leader of the ruling party and a federal minister, has accused the Sindh government of hiding the original Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report against Uzair Baloch, a notorious gangster who has confessed to having killed 198 persons. He demands the Supreme Court to take suo-moto notice on this.

Ali Zaidi held a press conference along with Shibli Faraz, Federal Minister for Information, on the recently-released JIT report on Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch.

The minister claimed that the “original” report was 43 pages long while the one released by the Sindh government was based on 35 pages. “Today, I am presenting the report in front of you that contains signatures on every page,” said Zaidi. “Special Branch, CID, ISI, MI, IB and Pakistan Rangers’ [officials] signatures are present in this report,” he added.

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He said that the “original” report also contained the names of Dr Zulfikar Mirza, Faryal Talpur, Abdul Qadir Patel, Nisar Morai, Yousuf Baloch and Sharjeel Inam Memon, which have not been mentioned in the report released on Monday.

“Orders to kill people came directly from PPP leaders”

Baloch reportedly claimed that he was in direct contact with the PPP leadership and that he had carried out targeted killings in the city on the orders of PPP leaders. Some of these orders, he claimed, came directly from the PPP co-chairman, former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza, incumbent Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon and even PPP leader Owais Muzaffar Tappi.

It is to be seen whether the Supreme Court of Pakistan takes a suo moto notice or the federal government files a reference to determine which report is the genuine. Political disputes between and among political parties aside, the families who have lost their loved ones during the reign of terror led by Uzair Baloch have a legitimate right to know as to why were they killed and by whom. The matter becomes more important as terrifying details came on the surface as reveals Habib Jan Baloch.