Shoaib Akhtar undergoes crucial knee surgery

Before the surgery, he posted a video message on his Twitter account.

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Former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar seeks the prayers of fans and followers ahead of important surgery. Former pacer Akhtar is undergoing knee surgery in Australia.

Before the surgery, he posted a video message on his Twitter account. He says hopefully this would be his last knee surgery. The surgery has been delayed for a few months hence he took a painkiller injection in December.

Akhtar said that he was undergone five similar surgeries before but it was all worth it because he was able to play for Pakistan. “But this is the pain that I have to endure. It will be an eight-hour partial knee replacing surgery and hopefully, I will come out right […] and I don’t look forward to it,” he said, asking people to pray for him.

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The former cricketer added that he will have to go through the pain for another two to three weeks following the surgery.  He said he will have to get his knees right since he has to play with his kids.

He repeatedly requested his fans and followers to pray for him since he is not looking forward to these surgeries anymore. Former cricketer Muhammad Hafeez wished him a speedy recovery.

In his interviews earlier this year, he revealed the painful injuries he had gone through throughout his career. Akhtar added that in addition to nine surgeries,  he has had 62 jabs and 42 injections to his left knee.

“The injuries became bone on bone in my knees. Imagine the pain I went through. Man, it was terrible. I used to fall asleep in an ice bath. There were many times that teammates would wake me up and say, ‘It’s four in the morning, get out and get in bed,” he had revealed.

Ahead of his surgery, Shoaib Akhtar also went on pilgrimage as a royal guest.

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