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Monday, April 15, 2024

US and Europe reaping what they’ve sown, says Russian envoy

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has castigated the United States and Europe for their destabilizing actions across the world, saying that the chickens are now coming home to roost for the beleaguered regions. Russia has increasingly latched on to the protests for point scoring.

The US supported destabilizing ideas, dividing groups against each other around the globe, but now the chaos they got at home is of the same nature, Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said. This comes in the wake of massive unrest in the United States and the dire economic straits that Europe has found itself in amid the raging pandemic. Russia, alongwith China, has increasingly used the unrest in the USA as leverage over the bruised superpower and an opportunity for point scoring.

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“By sowing chaos [abroad], they’ve got chaos at home,” Zakharova pointed out when asked about the reasons for the current unrest in the US and in some European countries during her appearance on Rossiya 1 channel.

“Everything they’ve been embedding into the world’s consciousness – they’re reaping it now.”

Unrest a consequence of Washington’s global tactics: Russian envoy

The heated riots with clashes with police, torched buildings and large-scale looting are the direct consequence of the ideas that Washington has been promoting around the globe in recent years, such as “destabilizing the situation, playing on the inner differences that exist in every country and every society.”

The US administration has been actively and openly supporting the opposition in countries which promoted policies undesirable for Washington, swiftly siding with demonstrators in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Iran and elsewhere, no matter how violent they were.

But the US and partially Europe have found themselves gripped by protests after African American man George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis in late May.

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Thousands of people took to the streets to decry police brutality, and although many rallies were peaceful, some turned violent in Minneapolis, Washington, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and many other cities.

Racism is a full blown problem in USA: Maria Zakharova

Racism has become a full blown problem in the United States and its scope is impossible to hide, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday.

Zakharova homed in on racial discrimination in the United States as the second biggest heap of systematic problems that the Western world faces right after unsolved health problems, in addition to a lack of unity in Western countries, and social and logistical problems.

“The second big chunk [of dilemmas] is the problem of racism in Western society, first of all, in the United States of America, which has become full blown,” she emphasized in an interview with the Vecher (Evening) with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Rossiya-1 television channel. “The scope of this evil cannot be concealed.”

Racism is now seeping into American allies

According to the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in order to “somehow preserve the reputation, image, the very part for foreign consumption that they [the United States of America] have been offering to other countries all the time, the US sets up ” local regional “clamor”, like some sort of information movements.’

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Zakharova added that the problem of racism is present not only in American society, but it is also” beginning to seep into other countries, that is, into the allies of the United States.”

Russia capitalizes on unrest in US

Russia’s foreign ministry, for its part, lamented “a real tragedy, an American tragedy” and demanded that Washington protect the rights of its own citizens instead of constantly finding fault in Russia.

“By taking measures to prevent looting and other illegal actions, authorities should not violate the rights of Americans to peaceful protest,” Maria Zakharova, the foreign ministry’s spokeswoman, said on Thursday. Speaking earlier on a TV talk show, Ms. Zakharova said that because of the chaos, the United States “simply cannot have any questions for others in the coming years.”

The host of the show, Vladimir Solovyov, suggested that Russia commemorate George Floyd, the black man killed last week in Minneapolis, by blacklisting American officials for human rights violations — just as the United States did to selected Russian officials following the 2009 death in a Moscow prison of Sergei L. Magnitsky, a tax lawyer for the American-born financier William F. Browder.

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According to the New York Times, the turmoil on American streets and the sometimes overly aggressive response of law enforcement officers, Mr. Kurilla said, has served two important Kremlin goals.

For one, it has deflected criticism of Russia’s own security services.

For another, videos of buildings ablaze and of sporadic looting have helped drive home one of the Kremlin’s favorite messages: that protests, even if initially peaceful, invariably risk violent disorder and so need to be nipped in the bud, as happened in Moscow last summer when the Russian police used force to break up peaceful street gatherings by opponents of President Vladimir V. Putin.

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