What is CBD Flower and Why People are Smoking It

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the two main active ingredients in cannabis, specifically the hemp plant. Unlike THC, the other main active ingredient, CBD has no psychoactive effects, meaning you won’t experience any mind-altering effects or “high” when you consume it. 

However, CBD has many health benefits to offer, which has catapulted this herb to fame in the health and wellness industry. So, what is CBD flower? CBD flower is dried and cured flower from the mature cannabis Sativa plant. This flower contains less than 0.03% THC, which makes it great for medical use. Keep reading for more information on what people around the world are using CBD flowers for! 

What is CBD flower?

Over the past five years, CBD has grown significantly in popularity. In fact, 44% of Europeans say they know friends or family members using this popular compound. When it comes to CBD flower, this is a term used to refer to the hemp plant flower from which the CBD derives. 

These CBD flowers are basically the same plant used in recreational cannabis. However, they come from a different strain of the cannabis plant, which makes the THC content much less. 

So, what is the legality of this plant? There is much confusion surrounding this topic, but CBD flowers are not yet legal in simple terms, even though buying CBD oil and other CBD products is legal. This is because CBD oils and CBD products are finished retail products and CBD flowers are not.

Methods of Consumption 

There are many ways to consume CBD flowers, with a few of the most popular being: 

  • Smoking: This inhalation method of CBD flower consumption using sturdy devices like high-quality glass bongs is one of the most popular and traditional forms of consumption and involves combustion. 
  • Vaping: This is another inhalation method of consumption but involves a battery-powered handheld device called a vaporizer that uses heating technology to heat dry herbs rather than combustion. This makes vaping much healthier and safer than smoking. 
  • Edibles: These are foods and baked goods that contain CBD flowers. These products are consumed orally and broken down in the digestive tract, which takes about 1 – 2 hours. The duration of effects lasts upward of 12 hours though, which is well worth it. 
  • Tinctures: This is when dry CBD flowers are dissolved in alcohol or vinegar. Tinctures are consumed sublingually by placing 3-4 drops underneath your tongue for 2 minutes and then swallowing. The tincture works its way into your system via the nerves underneath your tongue, which takes about 45 minutes. The duration of effects lasts anywhere from 4- 8 hours long. 

Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower

The main reason why CBD flower is so popular globally is because of the many benefits it has to offer the consumer. Some of these health benefits include:

  • Pain: Pain is one of the common symptoms treated with CBD flower. Pain is alleviated when CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. 
  • Anxiety and stress: Consuming CBD flower calms and relaxes the body, which helps combat stress and anxiety effectively. 
  • Sleep disorders: CBD flower helps to calm and relax the body, which is helpful before bed if you are struggling with a sleeping disorder such as insomnia. CBD flower also promotes better quality and quantity of sleep and the release of the melatonin hormone, which is essential for a healthy and balanced sleep cycle.
  • Eating disorders: CBD flower stimulates the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. 
  • Anti-depressant: CBD flower also stimulates dopamine and serotonin release, which helps elevate one’s mood and effectively combat depression. 

Though CBD flower is illegal, you can still get your hands on CBD oil and CBD products. If you want to try this product to help combat some medical symptoms, you can try many consumption methods, including vaping, smoking, edibles, and tinctures. Whether you have problems with pain, anxiety, stress, sleep, eating, or mood, CBD flowers can help you out!

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