What Is The Best Way To Learn The Piano In Singapore?

If you wanted to learn to play the piano and master the instrument, how should you best learn it in Singapore? Should you take and learn private home piano lessons, should you go to a public music school in Singapore, or should you perhaps learn from online tutorials? Where can you get the best piano lessons Singapore?

First of all, one of the best choices for learning the piano would be to take private home based piano classes. How this works is that you will first need a piano at your own house. Therefore, you will book a lesson with a private piano teacher who will travel to your house, wherever that may be in Singapore. If you are in Singapore, you can look for a good private music teacher who will travel to your home via Musicion, a music student and teacher agency which connects you up to ABRSM accredited music teachers for free. The classes will be taught to you in the comfort of your own home. Because you are getting a private teacher, you will receive some of the following benefits and more. You will enjoy the convenience, since you never need to leave your house at all. If you are a particularly fast or slow learner, a private piano teacher will be able to fully customize the classes to your pace, since you are the person’s only student at the point of teaching. You will also be able to customize the curriculum – for example, some students prefer learning to be able to ace ABRSM graded piano examinations while others want to learn to play pop songs on the piano. Due to the many benefits, getting home piano lessons in Singapore is also one of the most popular ways for Singaporean students to learn the music instrument.

Second of all, you can also head on over to one of the public music school branches located all around Singapore to learn how to play the piano. Some of the advantages that music schools in Singapore can offer you is a developed learning curriculum. If you want to follow structured cookie cutter classes in Singapore, they are great for you. Another benefit is that if you do not have a piano at home, then this is definitely your best or rather, only choice to learn the music instrument. However, some of the downsides or disadvantages to learning in a public music school environment in Singapore is that the lessons are very rigid. If you learn particularly fast or slow, or would like to learn something different from the average student that the school receives, the classes cannot be customized to you as it is all fixed. In addition, you would need to pay often heftier lesson fees, as the school will have rental and administrative staff overheads to cover as well in terms of their expenses, and rents are very expensive in Singapore.

Third of all, you can take online tutorials and try to master the instrument yourself. If you are playing just casually, this is actually a good and low budget way to achieve your goal. The main downside is that if you are trying to ace the graded ABRSM piano examinations in Singapore or trying to become a world-class pianist, it can be nearly impossible to achieve that via online tutorials alone. Why is that so? It is mainly because no experienced pianist will be able to sit next to you and observe the mistakes you are making. Many beginner pianists in Singapore make lots of mistakes, and yet do not even realize they are fundamental mistakes, and keep repeating them until it becomes bad habits which are nearly impossible to break. If you had a piano teacher in Singapore sitting next to you and observing you playing, he or she will very quickly be able to spot any kind of mistakes you are making and correct you before it becomes any kind of bad habit.

In a nutshell, if you want the cheapest way for casual playing, taking online tutorials can be a good idea. If you want a cookie cutter approach, public music schools in Singapore can be a good idea to learn how to play the piano. However, if you want the ultimate way to master the piano and become a world class pianist eventually, then taking private home based piano lessons in Singapore is definitely the fastest and best way to go about achieving your musical goal.

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