American woman embraces Islam to marry a Pakistani TikToker

The young Pakistani TikToker says he feels lucky because Daniel embraced Islam to marry him. The couple's journey initially began on TikTok by liking each other's videos.

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A 40-year-old American woman traveled all the way to Pakistan to marry a 27-year-old local TikToker. The woman named Daniel reached Rawalpindi to marry a young Pakistani TikToker, Afshan Raaj.

Daniel embraced Islam and renamed herself Hafsa. Their journey initially began by interacting on TikTok as they liked videos of each other. While talking to a local media outlet, Raaj said Hafsa started the conversation by liking and commenting on his videos a few months ago.

He says he feels lucky because the American woman embraced Islam to marry him. Adding that, he respects his wife since she has traveled from her home country to marry him.


His wife Hafsa said that before converting to Islam, she did her research on the religion and made a WhatsApp group in which she included the followers of different beliefs and religions. Adding that, she finds Islam as a religion of peace and happiness in life and the hereafter. Hafsa asserted that no one pressurized her to accept Islam.

She revealed that she is fond of the Asian culture and through her experience, she has observed that Pakistani people are very hospitable.

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This is not the first time a foreigner has embraced Islam to marry a Pakistani national. Earlier in February, German vlogger, Christian Betzmann, who is now engaged to Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir, also accepted Islam after spending a year in Pakistan. Betzmann announced his conversion to Islam in an Instagram post on Friday.

A video of him taking his Shahada is widely circulating on social media. The vlogger in his Instagram post wrote about his journey towards accepting Islam.

“Islam is the religion of peace and I felt a deeper connection and something I want to experience and explore deeper for myself,” Betzmann wrote in the caption to his post.

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“Growing up in Europe, the word Islam was always connected with negativity, war, terrorism and to be completely honest, I was never a religious person before so I didn’t really care what people thought back then. My best childhood friends were Muslims and deep inside, we are all human beings in the same simulation we call life,” he concluded with a smiley and a happy photo.