Leonid Savin

Leonid Savin is Director of the Foundation for monitoring and forecasting of development of the cultural territorial spaces; Editor-in-Chief of the “Geopoliticа.ru” internet portal; Senior Expert of the Center of Geopolitical Research (Russian think-tank established in 2000); Head of Administration of the International social movement “Eurasian Movement”, editor-in-chief of the “Journal of Eurasian Affairs” magazine issued by this NGO; Expert of the Strategic Culture Foundation.Formerly he was Fellow of the Center for Conservative Research and editor-in-Chief of Geopolitica magazine (Dept. of International Relations, Faculty of Sociology, Moscow State University, 2008 – 2014); Head of Department of Social-political research in the Institute of Economics and legislation, 2014 – 2015; Chief Editor of Katehon think tank and Katehon magazine (2016 – March 2017). Books issued: Global discourse, University Books, Sumy, 2003 (editor) Toolkit for activist, University Books, Sumy, 2005 (editor) Against discrimination, University Books, Sumy, 2006 (editor) To Geopolitics, University Books, Sumy, 2010 Net-centric warfare and Netwar. Introduction to the concept, Moscow, 2011 From Sheriff to Terrorists. Essays on U.S. geopolitics, Moscow, 2012 (Also translated into Serbian language). Net-centric sets in the State Governance, Moscow, 2014 Cibergeopolitica, organizaciones y alma rusa, Madrid, 2015 (in Spanish language) Israeli and Zionist lobby in Russia, Tehran, 2015 (in Farsi language) New ways of warfare, How U.S. build own Empire, Sanct-Petersburg, 2016