BANKISLAMI: Leading the nation’s home financing market!

BankIslami is the country’s notable financial institution that has been providing Shariah Compliant banking solutions to its customers for more than 15 years.


With over 340 branches in 114 cities spread across the country, the Bank has been providing unparalleled services to people across all cities to promote Islamic Finance that facilitates Pakistan to achieve goals of digitalization and financial inclusion for the masses.

The Bank differentiates itself through authenticity, innovation, commitment to excellence, and fast, efficient, and seamless delivery of banking solutions.

As a growing organization, the foundation of their performance lies in the human capital and BankIslami remains committed to becoming an employer of choice, attracting, nurturing, and developing talent in a transparent and performance-driven culture.

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Muskun Home Financing has been the Bank’s forte since the past 13 years facilitating customers in the simplest and most convenient Shariah compliant way to own a home.

Home financing is one of the sectors that is rapidly gaining stream in Pakistan after the Government of Pakistan launched the Low-Cost Housing Scheme, “Mera Pakistan, Mera Ghar” (MPMG) making it easier for individuals to afford their dream homes as per their convenience.

BankIslami aims for diversified banking by catering to Multiple Segments including Non Resident Pakistani (NRP), Salaried and Self Employed individuals with either formal or informal income by the help of multiple income estimation methods.

BankIslami focuses on providing its customers a range of value propositions including the option to Purchase, Construct, Renovate and Replace (Balance Transfer Facility).

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Continuing to be the Market Leader, BankIslami has achieved tremendous milestones and remained the top performer in the industry when it comes to the ‘Mera Pakistan, Mera Ghar’ initiative.

Taking it up a notch, the Bank also has the facility of same-day approval for its Salaried Segment customer. The Bank also provides its customers the ease of access to track their MPMG application status via online tracking.

Moreover, BankIslami has its financing available throughout the nation with few of the nation’s largest developers including Bahria Town, Emaar, GFS and many others.

BankIslami with its incredible growth strategy focusing on a customer-centric approach was able to break record through teamwork and effective leadership shining throughout the year.

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The scope of these achievements is unprecedented in Pakistan’s banking industry with BankIslami being the first to deliver on this front to such an extent. Housing finance of this magnitude and volume has yet to be delivered in Pakistan’s history.

The Bank remains committed to serving the country and its customers through a diverse range of avenues delivering immaculate as well as comprehensive services across the board contributing towards the elevation of national causes.

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